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NewStuffList Class Reference

Inherits ListView.


alias configFile


void busyMessage (string message)
void downloadedItemClicked (variant installedFiles)
void errorMessage (string message)
void idleMessage (string message)
void message (string message)

Detailed Description

To use NewStuffList, simply instantiate it and pass the local file location of a knsrc file to the configFile property.

The components will, in this case, take care of the rest for you. If you want more, you can look at what NewStuffItem does with the various bits, and be inspired by that.

An (overly simple) example which might be used for managing wallpapers and just outputting any messages onto the console can be seen below. Note that you should obviously not be using hardcoded paths, it is done here to get the idea across.

NewStuff.NewStuffList {
configFile: "/some/filesystem/location/wallpaper.knsrc";
onMessage: console.log("KNS Message: " + message);
onIdleMessage: console.log("KNS Idle: " + message);
onBusyMessage: console.log("KNS Busy: " + message);
onErrorMessage: console.log("KNS Error: " + message);

Definition at line 32 of file NewStuffList.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ configFile

alias NewStuffList::configFile

The configuration file which describes the application (knsrc)

The format and location of this file is found in the documentation for KNS3::DownloadDialog

Definition at line 40 of file NewStuffList.qml.

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alias configFile
The configuration file which describes the application (knsrc)
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