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org::kde::newstuff::Dialog Class Reference

Inherits Dialog.


alias changedEntries
alias configFile
string downloadNewWhat
alias engine
Connections engineConnections
alias viewMode


void aboutToShowDialog ()
void entryEvent (QtObject entry, int event)

Public Member Functions

void showEntryDetails (providerId, entryId)

Detailed Description

A dialog which has a NewStuff.Page at the base.

1.1This component is equivalent to the old DownloadDialog, but you should consider using NewStuff.Page instead for a more modern style of integration into your application's flow.
See also

Definition at line 23 of file Dialog.qml.

Property Documentation

alias org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::changedEntries

Contains the entries which have been changed.

This is cleared when the dialog is shown, so the changed entries are those changed since the dialog was opened most recently (rather than the lifetime of the instance of the Dialog component)
Since 5.82, use entryEvent of component.engine instead

Definition at line 67 of file Dialog.qml.

alias org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::configFile

The configuration file to use for this button.

Definition at line 28 of file Dialog.qml.

string org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::downloadNewWhat

Set the text that should appear as the dialog's title.

Will be set as i18nd("knewstuff5", "Download New %1").

The name defined by your knsrc config file

For the sake of consistency, you should NOT override the title property, just set this one

Definition at line 36 of file Dialog.qml.

alias org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::engine

The engine which handles the content in this dialog.

Definition at line 40 of file Dialog.qml.

alias org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::viewMode

The default view mode of the dialog spawned by this button.

This should be set using the NewStuff.Page.ViewMode enum

See also

Definition at line 46 of file Dialog.qml.

Member Function Documentation

void org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::aboutToShowDialog ( )

emitted when the Hot New Stuff dialog is about to be shown, usually as a result of the user having click on the button

void org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::entryEvent ( QtObject  entry,
int  event 

This forwards the entryEvent from the QtQuick engine.

See also
void org::kde::newstuff::Dialog::showEntryDetails ( providerId  ,

Show the details page for a specific entry.

If you call this function before the engine initialisation has been completed, the action itself will be postponed until that has happened.

providerIdThe provider ID for the entry you wish to show details for
entryIdThe unique ID for the entry you wish to show details for

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