KNotificationPermission Namespace Reference


KNOTIFICATIONS_EXPORT Qt::PermissionStatus checkPermission ()
KNOTIFICATIONS_EXPORT void requestPermission (QObject *context, const std::function< void(Qt::PermissionStatus)> &callback)

Detailed Description

Check or request permissions to show notifications on platforms where that is necessary.


Function Documentation

◆ checkPermission()

Qt::PermissionStatus KNotificationPermission::checkPermission ( )

Check if the current application has permissions to show notifications.

Definition at line 35 of file knotificationpermission.cpp.

◆ requestPermission()

void KNotificationPermission::requestPermission ( QObject * context,
const std::function< void(Qt::PermissionStatus)> & callback )

Request notification permissions.

Definition at line 40 of file knotificationpermission.cpp.

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