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 CActionAbstract container to deal with scripts like a single standalone script file
 CActionCollectionManages collections of Action instances
 CActionCollectionEditorImplements a general editor for Action and ActionCollection instances
 CActionCollectionModelImplements a QAbstractItemModel to provide a model for views of a ActionCollection instance that manages a collection of Action instances
 CActionCollectionProxyModelImplements a QSortFilterProxyModel for a ActionCollectionModel instance
 CActionCollectionViewShows a QTreeView where the content of a ActionCollection is displayed and optional actions to run, stop, add, edit and remove scripts are provided
 CChildrenInterfaceInterface for managing Object collections
 CEcmaInterpreterImplements a Kross::Interpreter to provide a factory for EcmaScript instances
 CEcmaPluginKross QtScript Extension that provides access to the Kross Scripting Framework within the QtScript scripting language
 CEcmaScriptImplements a Kross::Script to handle a single script
 CErrorInterfaceInterface for error-handling
 CFormAssistantAccess to KAssistantDialog objects as top-level containers
 CFormDialogAccess to KPageDialog objects as top-level containers
 CFormFileWidgetAccess to a KFileWidget
 CFormListViewAccess to a ListView
 CFormModuleThe FormModule provides access to UI functionality like dialogs or widgets
 CFormProgressDialogAccess to progressbar
 CInterpreterBase class for interpreter implementations
 CInterpreterInfoAbstract information about a Interpreter before the interpreter-backend itself is loaded
 COptionEach interpreter is able to define options we could use to manipulate the interpreter behaviour
 CMetaTypeBase class for metatype-implementations
 CMetaTypeHandlerBase class for metatype-handlers as used returned by the Kross::Manager::metaTypeHandler() method
 CMetaTypeImplMetatypes which are registered in the QMetaType system
 CMetaTypeVariantMetatypes which are listened in QVariant::Type
 CMetaTypeVoidStarMetatype for generic VoidStar pointers
 CObjectThe class Object does provide us scripting objects like class instances to the C++ world
 CScriptBase class for interpreter dependent functionality each script provides
 CScriptingPluginLoads additional actions stored in rc files with the KrossScripting format:
 CTranslationModuleThe TranslationModule provides access to KDE translation and internationalization facilities
 CWrapperInterfaceWrapper-class used to provide handlers for custom types
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