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 CActionAbstract container to deal with scripts like a single standalone script file
 CActionCollectionManages collections of Action instances
 CActionCollectionEditorImplements a general editor for Action and ActionCollection instances
 CActionCollectionModelImplements a QAbstractItemModel to provide a model for views of a ActionCollection instance that manages a collection of Action instances
 CActionCollectionProxyModelImplements a QSortFilterProxyModel for a ActionCollectionModel instance
 CActionCollectionViewShows a QTreeView where the content of a ActionCollection is displayed and optional actions to run, stop, add, edit and remove scripts are provided
 CChildrenInterfaceInterface for managing Object collections
 CEcmaInterpreterImplements a Kross::Interpreter to provide a factory for EcmaScript instances
 CEcmaPluginKross QtScript Extension that provides access to the Kross Scripting Framework within the QtScript scripting language
 CEcmaScriptImplements a Kross::Script to handle a single script
 CErrorInterfaceInterface for error-handling
 CFormAssistantAccess to KAssistantDialog objects as top-level containers
 CFormDialogAccess to KPageDialog objects as top-level containers
 CFormFileWidgetAccess to a KFileWidget
 CFormListViewAccess to a ListView
 CFormModuleThe FormModule provides access to UI functionality like dialogs or widgets
 CFormProgressDialogAccess to progressbar
 CInterpreterBase class for interpreter implementations
 CInterpreterInfoAbstract information about a Interpreter before the interpreter-backend itself is loaded
 COptionEach interpreter is able to define options we could use to manipulate the interpreter behaviour
 CManagerSingleton that provides the main entry point to deal with the Kross Scripting Framework
 CMetaTypeBase class for metatype-implementations
 CMetaTypeHandlerBase class for metatype-handlers as used returned by the Kross::Manager::metaTypeHandler() method
 CMetaTypeImplMetatypes which are registered in the QMetaType system
 CMetaTypeVariantMetatypes which are listened in QVariant::Type
 CMetaTypeVoidStarMetatype for generic VoidStar pointers
 CObjectThe class Object does provide us scripting objects like class instances to the C++ world
 CScriptBase class for interpreter dependent functionality each script provides
 CScriptingPluginLoads additional actions stored in rc files with the KrossScripting format:
 CTranslationModuleThe TranslationModule provides access to KDE translation and internationalization facilities
 CWrapperInterfaceWrapper-class used to provide handlers for custom types
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