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KServiceType Member List

This is the complete list of members for KServiceType, including all inherited members.

comment() const KServiceType
d_ptr (defined in KSycocaEntry)KSycocaEntryprotected
entryPath() const KSycocaEntry
inherits(const QString &servTypeName) const KServiceType
isDeleted() const KSycocaEntry
isDerived() const KServiceType
isSeparator() const KSycocaEntry
isType(KSycocaType t) const KSycocaEntry
isValid() const KSycocaEntry
KServiceType(KDesktopFile *config)KServiceTypeexplicit
KSycocaEntry() (defined in KSycocaEntry)KSycocaEntry
KSycocaEntry(KSycocaEntryPrivate &d) (defined in KSycocaEntry)KSycocaEntryprotected
KSycocaType enum nameKSycocaEntryrelated
List typedefKServiceType
name() const KSycocaEntry
parentServiceType() const KServiceType
property(const QString &name) const KSycocaEntry
propertyDef(const QString &_name) const KServiceType
propertyDefNames() const KServiceType
propertyDefs() const KServiceType
propertyNames() const KSycocaEntry
Ptr typedefKServiceType
QSharedData(const QSharedData &)QSharedData
serviceOffersOffset() const KServiceType
serviceType(const QString &_name)KServiceTypestatic
setDeleted(bool deleted)KSycocaEntry
setServiceOffersOffset(int offset)KServiceType
storageId() const KSycocaEntry
sycocaType() const KSycocaEntry
~KServiceType() override (defined in KServiceType)KServiceType
~KSycocaEntry() (defined in KSycocaEntry)KSycocaEntryvirtual
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