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#include <KServiceType>

Inheritance diagram for KServiceType:

Public Types

typedef QList< PtrList
typedef QExplicitlySharedDataPointer< KServiceTypePtr
- Public Types inherited from KSycocaEntry
typedef QList< PtrList
typedef QExplicitlySharedDataPointer< KSycocaEntryPtr

Public Member Functions

 KServiceType (KDesktopFile *config)
QString comment () const
bool inherits (const QString &servTypeName) const
bool isDerived () const
QString parentServiceType () const
Ptr parentType ()
QVariant::Type propertyDef (const QString &_name) const
QStringList propertyDefNames () const
QMap< QString, QVariant::TypepropertyDefs () const
int serviceOffersOffset () const
void setServiceOffersOffset (int offset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KSycocaEntry
QString entryPath () const
bool isDeleted () const
bool isSeparator () const
bool isType (KSycocaType t) const
bool isValid () const
QString name () const
QVariant property (const QString &name) const
QStringList propertyNames () const
void setDeleted (bool deleted)
QString storageId () const
KSycocaType sycocaType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSharedData
 QSharedData (const QSharedData &)

Static Public Member Functions

static List allServiceTypes ()
static Ptr serviceType (const QString &_name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from KSycocaEntry
KSERVICE_NO_EXPORT KSycocaEntry (KSycocaEntryPrivate &d)
- Protected Attributes inherited from KSycocaEntry
const std::unique_ptr< KSycocaEntryPrivate > d_ptr

Detailed Description

A service type is, well, a type of service, where a service is an application or plugin. For instance, "KOfficeFilter", which is the type of all koffice filters, is a service type. In order to discover services of a given type, using KServiceTypeTrader. Service types are stored as desktop files in $KDEDIR/share/servicetypes.

See also
KService, KServiceTypeTrader
Since 5.90, this class is an implementation detail of KService. Use KService or KApplicationTrader instead.

Definition at line 35 of file kservicetype.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ List

A list of shared data pointers for KServiceType.

Definition at line 45 of file kservicetype.h.

◆ Ptr

A shared data pointer for KServiceType.

Definition at line 41 of file kservicetype.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KServiceType()

KServiceType::KServiceType ( KDesktopFile config)

Construct a service type and take all information from a desktop file.

configthe configuration file
Since 5.90, see class API docs

Definition at line 27 of file kservicetype.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ allServiceTypes()

KServiceType::List KServiceType::allServiceTypes ( )

Returns a list of all the supported servicetypes.

Useful for showing the list of available servicetypes in a listbox, for example. More memory consuming than the ones above, don't use unless really necessary.

the list of all services

Definition at line 172 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ comment()

QString KServiceType::comment ( ) const

Returns the descriptive comment associated, if any.

the comment, or QString()

Definition at line 213 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ inherits()

bool KServiceType::inherits ( const QString servTypeName) const

Checks whether this service type is or inherits from servTypeName.

true if this servicetype is or inherits from servTypeName

Definition at line 112 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ isDerived()

bool KServiceType::isDerived ( ) const

Checks whether this service type inherits another one.

true if this service type inherits another one
See also

Definition at line 219 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ parentServiceType()

QString KServiceType::parentServiceType ( ) const

If this service type inherits from another service type, return the name of the parent.

the parent service type, or QString:: null if not set
See also

Definition at line 106 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ parentType()

KServiceType::Ptr KServiceType::parentType ( )

Pointer to parent service type

Definition at line 178 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ propertyDef()

QVariant::Type KServiceType::propertyDef ( const QString _name) const

Returns the type of the property definition with the given _name.

_namethe name of the property
the property type, or null if not found
See also

Definition at line 154 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ propertyDefNames()

QStringList KServiceType::propertyDefNames ( ) const

Returns the list of all property definitions for this servicetype.

Those are properties of the services implementing this servicetype. For instance,


means that all kdevelop plugins have in their .desktop file a line like

X-KDevelop-Version=<some value>

Definition at line 160 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ propertyDefs()

QMap< QString, QVariant::Type > KServiceType::propertyDefs ( ) const

(for KBuildServiceTypeFactory)

Definition at line 225 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ serviceOffersOffset()

int KServiceType::serviceOffersOffset ( ) const

Definition at line 207 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ serviceType()

KServiceType::Ptr KServiceType::serviceType ( const QString _name)

Returns a pointer to the servicetype '_name' or nullptr if the service type is unknown.

VERY IMPORTANT : don't store the result in a KServiceType * !

_namethe name of the service type to search
the pointer to the service type, or nullptr

Definition at line 166 of file kservicetype.cpp.

◆ setServiceOffersOffset()

void KServiceType::setServiceOffersOffset ( int  offset)

only used by kbuildsycoca Register offset into offers list

Definition at line 200 of file kservicetype.cpp.

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