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KTextEditor::MarkInterfaceV2 Class Referenceabstract

#include <markinterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for KTextEditor::MarkInterfaceV2:

Public Member Functions

virtual QIcon markIcon (MarkTypes markType) const =0
virtual void setMarkIcon (MarkTypes markType, const QIcon &icon)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from KTextEditor::MarkInterface
virtual ~MarkInterface ()
virtual void addMark (int line, uint markType)=0
virtual void clearMark (int line)=0
virtual void clearMarks ()=0
virtual uint editableMarks () const =0
virtual uint mark (int line)=0
virtual void markChanged (KTextEditor::Document *document, KTextEditor::Mark mark, KTextEditor::MarkInterface::MarkChangeAction action)=0
virtual QString markDescription (MarkTypes mark) const =0
virtual QPixmap markPixmap (MarkTypes mark) const =0
virtual const QHash< int, KTextEditor::Mark * > & marks ()=0
virtual void marksChanged (KTextEditor::Document *document)=0
virtual void removeMark (int line, uint markType)=0
virtual void setEditableMarks (uint markMask)=0
virtual void setMark (int line, uint markType)=0
virtual void setMarkDescription (MarkTypes mark, const QString &text)=0
virtual void setMarkPixmap (MarkTypes mark, const QPixmap &pixmap)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KTextEditor::MarkInterface
enum  MarkChangeAction { MarkAdded = 0, MarkRemoved = 1 }
enum  MarkTypes {
  markType01 = 0x1, markType02 = 0x2, markType03 = 0x4, markType04 = 0x8,
  markType05 = 0x10, markType06 = 0x20, markType07 = 0x40, markType08 = 0x80,
  markType09 = 0x100, markType10 = 0x200, markType11 = 0x400, markType12 = 0x800,
  markType13 = 0x1000, markType14 = 0x2000, markType15 = 0x4000, markType16 = 0x8000,
  markType17 = 0x10000, markType18 = 0x20000, markType19 = 0x40000, markType20 = 0x80000,
  markType21 = 0x100000, markType22 = 0x200000, markType23 = 0x400000, markType24 = 0x800000,
  markType25 = 0x1000000, markType26 = 0x2000000, markType27 = 0x4000000, markType28 = 0x8000000,
  markType29 = 0x10000000, markType30 = 0x20000000, markType31 = 0x40000000, markType32 = 0x80000000,
  Bookmark = markType01, BreakpointActive = markType02, BreakpointReached = markType03, BreakpointDisabled = markType04,
  Execution = markType05, Warning = markType06, Error = markType07, SearchMatch = markType32
- Signals inherited from KTextEditor::MarkInterface
void markClicked (KTextEditor::Document *document, KTextEditor::Mark mark, bool &handled)
void markContextMenuRequested (KTextEditor::Document *document, KTextEditor::Mark mark, QPoint pos, bool &handled)
void markToolTipRequested (KTextEditor::Document *document, KTextEditor::Mark mark, QPoint position, bool &handled)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KTextEditor::MarkInterface
static int reservedMarkersCount ()

Detailed Description

Mark extension interface for the Document, version 2.


The MarkInterfaceV2 allows to do the same as MarkInterface and additionally

  • (1) set an icon for a mark type instead of just a pixmap

Accessing the Interface

The MarkInterfaceV2 is supposed to be an extension interface for a Document, i.e. the Document inherits the interface provided that the KTextEditor library in use implements the interface. Use qobject_cast to access the interface:

// doc is of type KTextEditor::Document*
auto iface = qobject_cast<KTextEditor::MarkInterfaceV2*>(doc);
if (iface) {
// the implementation supports the interface
// do stuff
} else {
// the implementation does not support the interface

Definition at line 425 of file markinterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ markIcon()

virtual QIcon KTextEditor::MarkInterfaceV2::markIcon ( MarkTypes  markType) const
pure virtual

Get the mark's icon.

markTypemark type. If the icon does not exist the resulting is null (check with QIcon::isNull()).
See also

Implemented in KTextEditor.

◆ setMarkIcon()

virtual void KTextEditor::MarkInterfaceV2::setMarkIcon ( MarkTypes  markType,
const QIcon icon 
pure virtual

Set the mark's icon to icon.

markTypemark type to which the icon will be attached
iconnew icon
See also

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