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KTextEditor::ModificationInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <KTextEditor/ModificationInterface>

Inheritance diagram for KTextEditor::ModificationInterface:

Public Types

enum  ModifiedOnDiskReason { OnDiskUnmodified = 0, OnDiskModified = 1, OnDiskCreated = 2, OnDiskDeleted = 3 }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ModificationInterface ()
virtual void modifiedOnDisk (KTextEditor::Document *document, bool isModified, KTextEditor::ModificationInterface::ModifiedOnDiskReason reason)=0
virtual void setModifiedOnDisk (ModifiedOnDiskReason reason)=0
virtual void setModifiedOnDiskWarning (bool on)=0

Detailed Description

External modification extension interface for the Document.


The class ModificationInterface provides methods to handle modifications of all opened files caused by external programs. Whenever the modified-on-disk state changes the signal modifiedOnDisk() is emitted along with a ModifiedOnDiskReason. Set the state by calling setModifiedOnDisk(). Whether the Editor should show warning dialogs to inform the user about external modified files can be controlled with setModifiedOnDiskWarning(). The slot modifiedOnDisk() is called to ask the user what to do whenever a file was modified.

Accessing the ModificationInterface

The ModificationInterface is supposed to be an extension interface for a Document, i.e. the Document inherits the interface provided that the used KTextEditor library implements the interface. Use qobject_cast to access the interface:

// doc is of type KTextEditor::Document*
auto iface = qobject_cast<KTextEditor::ModificationInterface*>(doc);
if (iface) {
// the implementation supports the interface
// do stuff
} else {
// the implementation does not support the interface
See also
Christoph Cullmann <cullm[email protected][email protected][email protected]kde.o[email protected]rg>

Definition at line 61 of file modificationinterface.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ModifiedOnDiskReason

Reasons why a document is modified on disk.


Not modified.


The file was modified on disk.


The file was created on disk.


The file was deleted on disk.

Definition at line 75 of file modificationinterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ModificationInterface()

ModificationInterface::~ModificationInterface ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ modifiedOnDisk()

virtual void KTextEditor::ModificationInterface::modifiedOnDisk ( KTextEditor::Document document,
bool  isModified,
KTextEditor::ModificationInterface::ModifiedOnDiskReason  reason 
pure virtual

This signal is emitted whenever the document changed its modified-on-disk state.

documentthe Document object that represents the file on disk
isModifiedif true, the file was modified rather than created or deleted
reasonthe reason why the signal was emitted
See also

◆ setModifiedOnDisk()

virtual void KTextEditor::ModificationInterface::setModifiedOnDisk ( ModifiedOnDiskReason  reason)
pure virtual

Set the document's modified-on-disk state to reason.

KTextEditor implementations should emit the signal modifiedOnDisk() along with the reason. When the document is in a clean state again the reason should be ModifiedOnDiskReason::OnDiskUnmodified.

reasonthe modified-on-disk reason.
See also
ModifiedOnDiskReason, modifiedOnDisk()

Implemented in KTextEditor.

◆ setModifiedOnDiskWarning()

virtual void KTextEditor::ModificationInterface::setModifiedOnDiskWarning ( bool  on)
pure virtual

Control, whether the editor should show a warning dialog whenever a file was modified on disk.

If on is true the editor will show warning dialogs.

oncontrols, whether the editor should show a warning dialog for files modified on disk

Implemented in KTextEditor.

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