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KWayland::Server::BufferHandle Class Reference

#include <remote_access_interface.h>

Public Member Functions

qint32 fd () const
quint32 format () const
quint32 height () const
void setFd (qint32 fd)
void setFormat (quint32 format)
void setSize (quint32 width, quint32 height)
void setStride (quint32 stride)
quint32 stride () const
quint32 width () const

Detailed Description

The structure server should fill to use this interface.


  1. BufferHandle is filled and passed to RemoteAccessManager (stored in manager's sent list)
  2. Clients confirm that they wants this buffer, the RemoteBuffer interfaces are then created and wrapped around BufferHandle.
  3. Once all clients are done with buffer (or disconnected), RemoteBuffer notifies manager and release signal is emitted.

    It's the responsibility of your process to delete this BufferHandle and release its' fd afterwards.

Definition at line 31 of file remote_access_interface.h.

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