The xdg_shell interface




enum  zxdg_shell_v5_version { ZXDG_SHELL_V5_VERSION_CURRENT = 5, ZXDG_SHELL_V5_VERSION_CURRENT = 5 }


static void * zxdg_shell_v5_get_user_data (struct xdg_shell *xdg_shell)
static void zxdg_shell_v5_send_ping (struct wl_resource *resource_, uint32_t serial)
static void zxdg_shell_v5_set_user_data (struct xdg_shell *xdg_shell, void *user_data)

Detailed Description

xdg_shell allows clients to turn a wl_surface into a "real window" which can be dragged, resized, stacked, and moved around by the user. Everything about this interface is suited towards traditional desktop environments.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ zxdg_shell_v5_version

enum zxdg_shell_v5_version

latest protocol version

The 'current' member of this enum gives the version of the protocol. Implementations can compare this to the version they implement using static_assert to ensure the protocol and implementation versions match.


Always the latest version.


Always the latest version.

Definition at line 240 of file wayland-xdg-shell-v5-server-protocol.h.

Function Documentation

◆ zxdg_shell_v5_send_ping()

static void zxdg_shell_v5_send_ping ( struct wl_resource *  resource_,
uint32_t  serial 

Sends an ping event to the client owning the resource.

resource_The client's resource
serialpass this to the pong request

Definition at line 378 of file wayland-xdg-shell-v5-server-protocol.h.

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