kxmlrpcclient - an XML-RPC client library for KDE.


kxmlrpclient provides client-side support for the XML-RPC protocol.


This library contains simple XML-RPC Client support. It is used mainly by the egroupware module of kdepim, but is a complete client and is quite easy to use. Only one interface is exposed to the world, kxmlrpcclient/client.h and of that interface, you only need to use 3 methods: setUrl, setUserAgent and call.

A small note on authentication. If you will be accessing an XML-RPC server which uses HTTP-AUTH, simply set the user and pass in the KURL. Digest authentication is more complicated and requires the use of three utility methods: enableDigestAuth, disableDigestAuth and digestAuth.

The major authors of this library are:
Narayan Newton <naray[email protected]anne[email protected][email protected][email protected]gmai[email protected]l.com>, Frerich Raabe <raabe[email protected]@kde[email protected].org>, Tobias Koenig <tokoe[email protected]@kde[email protected].org>
Narayan Newton <naray[email protected]anne[email protected][email protected][email protected]gmai[email protected]l.com>

kxmlrpcclient development is discussed on the [email protected] mailing list.

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