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 NPlasmaNamespace for everything in libplasma
 CAppletThe base Applet class
 CAppletScriptProvides a restricted interface for scripted applets
 CContainmentThe base class for plugins that provide backgrounds and applet grouping containers
 CContainmentActionsThe base ContainmentActions class
 CCoronaA bookkeeping Scene for Plasma::Applets
 CDataContainerA set of data exported via a DataEngine
 CDataEngineData provider for plasmoids (Plasma plugins)
 CDataEngineConsumerA class that makes it safe and easy to use DataEngines
 CDataEngineScriptProvides a restricted interface for scripting a DataEngine
 CDataModelDataSource data as a model
 CDataSourceProvides data from a range of plugins
 CFrameSvgProvides an SVG with borders
 CFrameSvgItemProvides an SVG with borders
 CFrameSvgItemMarginsThe sizes of a frame's margins
 CPackageObject representing an installed Plasma package
 CQuickThemeInterface to the Plasma theme
 CScriptEngineThe base class for scripting interfaces to be used in loading plasmoids of a given language
 CServiceThis class provides a generic API for write access to settings or services
 CServiceJobThis class provides jobs for use with Plasma::Service
 CSortFilterModelFilter and sort an existing QAbstractItemModel
 CSvgA theme aware image-centric SVG class
 CSvgItemDisplays an SVG or an element from an SVG file
 CThemeInterface to the Plasma theme
 CTimeTrackerThis debugging class is meant to provide an overview of how the objects change over time and hopefully provide the information required to detect buggy initialization
 CTypesEnums and constants used in Plasma
 CWindowThumbnailRenders a thumbnail for the window specified by the winId property
 CConfigModelThis model contains all the possible config categories for a dialog, such as categories of the config dialog for an Applet TODO: it should probably become an import instead of a library?
 CAppletInterfaceThis class is exposed to applets in QML as the attached property Plasmoid
 CApplicationClass which handles an application execution
 CColorScopeSets the colour scheme to be used by all child items
 CContainmentInterfaceThis class is exposed to containments QML as the attached property Plasmoid
 CFallbackComponentComponent that loads a qml file based on a chain of different fallback paths
 CIconDialogClass which handles an icondialog execution
 CRoundShadowDocumented API Inherits: Item
 CServiceOperationStatusMonitors services
 CToolTipDialogInternally used by Tooltip
 CUnitsExpose sizes to QML
 CWallpaperInterfaceThis class is exposed to wallpapers as the attached property "wallpaper"
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