org::kde::plasma::components::CommonDialog Class Reference

Inherits Dialog.


variant buttonTexts
string titleIcon
string titleText


void buttonClicked (int index)

Detailed Description

CommonDialog is a convenience component that provides a dialog with the platform-style title area.

2.0 You only have to define titleText. CommonDialog handles its layout automatically.

Note: This component is experimental, so it may be changed or removed in future releases.

Definition at line 54 of file CommonDialog.qml.

Property Documentation

variant org::kde::plasma::components::CommonDialog::buttonTexts

the texts of all the buttons

Definition at line 61 of file CommonDialog.qml.

string org::kde::plasma::components::CommonDialog::titleIcon

the name or path of the dialog title icon

Definition at line 59 of file CommonDialog.qml.

string org::kde::plasma::components::CommonDialog::titleText

the title of the dialog

Definition at line 57 of file CommonDialog.qml.

Member Function Documentation

void org::kde::plasma::components::CommonDialog::buttonClicked ( int  index)

Emitted when the use clicks on a button.

indexthe index of the clicked button: buttonTexts[index] will hold the text of the clicked button.

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