Deprecated List
Member AppletInterface::downloadPath (const QString &file)
Since 5,23, use downloadPath() instead.
Class FallbackComponent
this can be done with qmlregistertype on c++ side or a Loader on QML side
Class IconDialog
Use IconDialog from org.kde.kquickcontrolsaddons
Class org::kde::plasma::extras::App
: use org.kde.kirigami ApplicationWindow or QtQuick.Controls 2.0 ApplicationWindow
Class org::kde::plasma::extras::ConditionalLoader
use a Loader instead
Class org::kde::plasma::extras::PageRow
use org.kde.kirigami PageRow instead
Class org::kde::plasma::extras::Paragraph
use QtQuickControls 2.0 Label instead
Class org::kde::plasma::extras::Title
use org.kde.Kirigami.Heading instead
Member Plasma::Applet::Applet (const KPluginInfo &info, QObject *parent=nullptr, uint appletId=0)
Since 5.28, prefer using KPluginMetaData
Member Plasma::Applet::loadPlasmoid (const QString &path, uint appletId=0)
Since 5.19, use Containment::createApplet() instead, you are not supposed to have applets without containments
Member Plasma::Applet::package () const
Since 5.6, use kPackage() instead
Member Plasma::Applet::pluginInfo () const
Since 5.28, use pluginMetaData instead
Member Plasma::AppletScript::description () const
since 5.81, use applet()->pluginMetaData() instead.
Member Plasma::ContainmentActions::pluginInfo () const
since 5.67, use metadata
Member Plasma::Corona::containmentForScreen (int screen) const
Since 5.46, use containmentForScreen(int, const QString &, const QString &, const QVariantList &)
Member Plasma::Corona::containmentForScreen (int screen, const QString &defaultPluginIfNonExistent, const QVariantList &defaultArgs=QVariantList())
Since 5.46, use containmentForScreen(int, const QString &, const QString &, const QVariantList &)
Member Plasma::Corona::package () const
Since 5.6, use kPackage instead
Member Plasma::Corona::packageChanged (const Plasma::Package &package)
Since 5.6, use kPackageChanged instead
Member Plasma::Corona::setPackage (const Plasma::Package &package)
Since 5.6, use setKPackage instead
Member Plasma::DataEngine::DataEngine (const KPluginInfo &plugin, QObject *parent=nullptr)
since 5.67
Member Plasma::DataEngine::pluginInfo () const
since 5.67, use metadata
Member Plasma::DataEngineScript::description () const
since 5.67 use metadata()
Class Plasma::Package
Since 5.6, use KPackage::Package instead
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::internalLoadPackage (const QString &name, const QString &specialization)
since 5.30, use KPackage API
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listAppletInfo (const QString &category, const QString &parentApp=QString())
Since 5.28. Doesn't support metadata.json packages. Use listAppletMetaData(const QString &category, const QString &parentApp) instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listAppletInfoForMimeType (const QString &mimetype)
Since 5.36, use listAppletMetaDataForMimeType(const QString &mimetype) instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listAppletInfoForUrl (const QUrl &url)
Since 5.36, use listAppletMetaDataForUrl(const QUrl &url) instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listContainmentActionsInfo (const QString &parentApp)
since 5.77, use listContainmentActionsMetaData()
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listContainments (const QString &category=QString(), const QString &parentApp=QString())
since 5.83, use PluginLoader::listContainmentsMetaData
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listContainmentsForMimeType (const QString &mimeType)
since 5.83, use listAppletMetaData() with custom filtering instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listContainmentsOfType (const QString &type, const QString &category=QString(), const QString &parentApp=QString())
since 5.83, use PluginLoader::listContainmentsMetaDataOfType
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listDataEngineInfo (const QString &parentApp=QString())
since 5.77, use listDataEngineMetaData()
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listEngineInfo (const QString &parentApp=QString())
since 5.77, use listDataEngineMetaData instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::listEngineInfoByCategory (const QString &category, const QString &parentApp=QString())
since 5.81, use listDataEngineMetaData() instead.
Member Plasma::PluginLoader::loadPackage (const QString &packageFormat, const QString &specialization=QString())
Since 5.30, use KPackage::PackageLoader::loadPackage(const QString& packageFormat, const QString& packagePath) instead.
Member Plasma::Theme::pluginInfo () const
since 5.67, use KPluginMetaData
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