Plasma Framework

Foundational libraries, components, and tools of the Plasma workspaces


The plasma framework provides the following:

  • QML components
  • A C++ library: libplasma
  • Script engines

QML components


Bindings for libplasma functionality, such as DataEngine and FrameSvg, see Plasma Core.


Graphical components for common items such as buttons, lineedits, tabbars and so on. Compatible subset of the MeeGo components used on the N9, see Plasma Components.


Extra graphical components that extend org.kde.plasma.components but are not in the standard api, see Plasma Extra Components.


Attached properties for manipulating the current applet or containment, see Plasmoid Interfaces


This C++ library provides:

  • rendering of SVG themes
  • loading of files from a certain filesystem structure: packages
  • data access through data engines
  • loading of the plugin structure of the workspace: containments and applets

See Plasma framework.

Script engines

Provides support to create applets or containments in various scripting languages.

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