Prison::ImageScanner Namespace Reference


PRISONSCANNER_EXPORT ScanResult scan (const QImage &image, Format::BarcodeFormats formats={})

Detailed Description

Scans a still image for barcodes.


Function Documentation

◆ scan()

ScanResult Prison::ImageScanner::scan ( const QImage & image,
Format::BarcodeFormats formats = {} )

Scan image for a barcode.

This method is synchronous and expensive. For use in the main thread running this on a secondary thread is strongly recommended when processing larger images.

QtConcurrent::run([&img]() { return ImageScanner::scan(img); }).then([](const ScanResult &result) {
Result of a barcode scan attempt.
Definition scanresult.h:31
PRISONSCANNER_EXPORT ScanResult scan(const QImage &image, Format::BarcodeFormats formats={})
Scan image for a barcode.
QFuture< T > run(Function function,...)
imageThe image to scan for barcodes, in any format.
formatsThe barcode formats to look for. By default all supported formats are searched, limiting this improves performance and can improve result quality.

Definition at line 102 of file imagescanner.cpp.

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