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Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer Class Referenceabstract

#include <portablemediaplayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer:

Public Member Functions

 ~PortableMediaPlayer () override
virtual QVariant driverHandle (const QString &driver) const =0
virtual QStringList supportedDrivers (QString protocol=QString()) const =0
virtual QStringList supportedProtocols () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from Solid::Ifaces::DeviceInterface
virtual ~DeviceInterface ()

Detailed Description

This class implements Portable Media Player device interface and represents a portable media player attached to the system.

A portable media player is a portable device able to play multimedia files. Some of them have even recording capabilities.

Davide Bettio

Definition at line 25 of file ifaces/portablemediaplayer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PortableMediaPlayer()

Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer::~PortableMediaPlayer ( )

Destroys a portable media player object.

Definition at line 9 of file ifaces/portablemediaplayer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ driverHandle()

virtual QVariant Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer::driverHandle ( const QString & driver) const
pure virtual

Retrieves a driver specific string allowing to access the device.

For example for the "mtp" driver it will return the serial number of the device and "usbmux" driver will return 40-digit device UUID

the driver specific data

◆ supportedDrivers()

virtual QStringList Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer::supportedDrivers ( QString protocol = QString()) const
pure virtual

Retrieves known installed device drivers that claim to handle this device using the requested protocol.

Possible drivers:

  • usb - device is talked to using USB. This driver alone does not specify which particular USB service/protocol should be used.
  • usbmux - device supports AFC (Apple File Connection) and usbmuxd daemon is ready on /var/run/usbmuxd socket on UNIX and localhost:27015 port on Windows.
protocolThe protocol to get drivers for. Specify empty protocol to get drivers for all possible protocols.
a list of known device drivers that can handle this device

◆ supportedProtocols()

virtual QStringList Solid::Ifaces::PortableMediaPlayer::supportedProtocols ( ) const
pure virtual

Retrieves known protocols this device can speak.

This list may be dependent on installed device driver libraries.

Possible protocols:

  • storage - filesystem-based device: can browse and play media files stored on its volume. iPod-like devices can have both storage and ipod protocol set, you should use more specific (ipod) protocol in this case.
  • ipod - iPod-like device where media files are stored on filesystem, but these need an entry in device database in order to be playable.
  • mtp - Media Transfer Protocol-compatible devices.
a list of known protocols this device can speak

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