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KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData Class Reference

#include <highlightingdata_p.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void load (const QString &defName, QXmlStreamReader &reader)

Public Attributes

QString attribute
QString fallthroughContext
QString lineEmptyContext
QString lineEndContext
QString name
bool noIndentationBasedFolding = false
std::vector< Rule > rules
bool stopEmptyLineContextSwitchLoop = false

Detailed Description

Represents the raw xml data of a context and its rules.

After resolving contexts, members of this class are no longer use and the instance can be freed to recover used memory.

Definition at line 26 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ load()

void HighlightingContextData::load ( const QString & defName,
QXmlStreamReader & reader )

Definition at line 371 of file highlightingdata.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attribute

QString KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::attribute

attribute name, to lookup our format

Definition at line 203 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ fallthroughContext

QString KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::fallthroughContext

Definition at line 207 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ lineEmptyContext

QString KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::lineEmptyContext

Definition at line 206 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ lineEndContext

QString KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::lineEndContext

Definition at line 205 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ name

QString KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::name

Definition at line 198 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ noIndentationBasedFolding

bool KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::noIndentationBasedFolding = false

Definition at line 212 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ rules

std::vector<Rule> KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::rules

Definition at line 209 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

◆ stopEmptyLineContextSwitchLoop

bool KSyntaxHighlighting::HighlightingContextData::stopEmptyLineContextSwitchLoop = false

Definition at line 211 of file highlightingdata_p.hpp.

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