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 CAlarmTextParses email, todo and script alarm texts
 CCollectionAttributeAn Attribute for a KAlarm Collection containing various status information
 CCompatibilityAttributeAn Attribute for a KAlarm Collection containing compatibility information
 CDateTimeAs KADateTime, but with a configurable start-of-day time for date-only values
 CEventAttributeAn Attribute containing status information for a KAlarm item
 CKAAlarmKAAlarm represents individual alarms within a KAEvent
 CKADateTimeA class representing a date and time with an associated time zone
 CSpecThe full time specification of a KADateTime instance
 CKAEventKAEvent represents a KAlarm event
 CMonthPosHolds days of the week combined with a week number in the month, used to specify some monthly or annual recurrences
 CKARecurrenceRepresents recurrences for KAlarm
 CRepetitionRepresents a sub-repetition, defined by interval and repeat count
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