The KAlarm client library


This library provides access to and handling of KAlarm calendar data.


This library provides access to KAlarm calendar data, but not to the storage of the data, which is handled separately. The main class, KAEvent, represents a KAlarm event, and contains both the event definition including the main alarm and optional subsidiary alarms, and status information about the event.

Calendar format information is accessed through the KACalendar class, which provides read and write access to the calendar format version and iCalendar product ID.

Recurrence and sub-repetition information is represented by the KARecurrence and Repetition classes respectively.

The KADateTime class is analagous to QDateTime, but can alternatively hold a date-only value, and its time zone definition is more flexible than QDateTime. The DateTime class is similar to KADateTime but with a configurable start-of-day time for date-only times.

Three Akonadi attributes, for Collections and Items, are provided by CollectionAttribute, CompatibilityAttribute and EventAttribute classes.

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