KAlarmCal::CalEvent Namespace Reference


typedef QFlags< TypeTypes


enum  Type {
  EMPTY = 0, ACTIVE = 0x01, ARCHIVED = 0x02, TEMPLATE = 0x04,


QString mimeType (Type)
QStringList mimeTypes (Types)
void setStatus (const Event::Ptr &event, Type status, const QString &param)
Type status (const Event::Ptr &event, QString *param)
Type type (const QString &mimeType)
Types types (const QStringList &mimeTypes)
QString uid (const QString &id, Type status)

Detailed Description

Class representing type attributes of a KAlarm event.

CalEvent provides methods to manipulate a KAEvent UID according to its category (active, archived or template). It also provides methods to access KAEvent mime types.

David Jarvie djarv[email protected][email protected][email protected]de.or[email protected]g

Enumeration Type Documentation

The category of an event, indicated by the middle part of its UID.


the event has no alarms


the event is currently active


the event is archived


the event is an alarm template


the event is currently being displayed

Definition at line 112 of file kacalendar.h.

Function Documentation

KALARMCAL_EXPORT QString KAlarmCal::CalEvent::mimeType ( Type  )

Return the mime type string corresponding to an alarm Type.

Definition at line 421 of file kacalendar.cpp.

KALARMCAL_EXPORT QStringList KAlarmCal::CalEvent::mimeTypes ( Types  )

Return the mime type strings corresponding to alarm Types.

Definition at line 431 of file kacalendar.cpp.

KALARMCAL_EXPORT Type KAlarmCal::CalEvent::type ( const QString mimeType)

Return the alarm Type for a mime type string.

Definition at line 392 of file kacalendar.cpp.

KALARMCAL_EXPORT Types KAlarmCal::CalEvent::types ( const QStringList mimeTypes)

Return the alarm Types for a list of mime type strings.

Definition at line 406 of file kacalendar.cpp.

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