KDAV2::Utils Namespace Reference


QString KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT contactsMimeType (Protocol protocol)
QString KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT createUniqueId ()
bool extractCollection (const QDomElement &response, DavUrl url, DavCollection &collection)
Privileges KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT extractPrivileges (const QDomElement &element)
QDomElement KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT firstChildElementNS (const QDomElement &parent, const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &tagName)
QDomElement KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT nextSiblingElementNS (const QDomElement &element, const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &tagName)
Privileges KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT parsePrivilege (const QDomElement &element)
Protocol KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT protocolByName (const QString &name)
QLatin1String KPIMKDAV2_EXPORT protocolName (Protocol protocol)

Detailed Description

A namespace that contains helper methods for DAV functionality.

Function Documentation

◆ contactsMimeType()

QString KDAV2::Utils::contactsMimeType ( Protocol  protocol)

Returns the mimetype that shall be used for contact DAV resources using protocol.

Definition at line 172 of file utils.cpp.

◆ createUniqueId()

QString KDAV2::Utils::createUniqueId ( )

Creates a unique identifier that can be used as a file name to upload the dav item.

Definition at line 163 of file utils.cpp.

◆ extractCollection()

bool KDAV2::Utils::extractCollection ( const QDomElement response,
DavUrl  url,
DavCollection collection 

Extract a DavCollection from the response element of a PROPFIND result.

false if a collection could not be extracted.

Definition at line 185 of file utils.cpp.

◆ extractPrivileges()

Privileges KDAV2::Utils::extractPrivileges ( const QDomElement element)

Extracts privileges from element.

The <privilege> tags are expected to be first level children of element.

Definition at line 65 of file utils.cpp.

◆ firstChildElementNS()

QDomElement KDAV2::Utils::firstChildElementNS ( const QDomElement parent,
const QString namespaceUri,
const QString tagName 

Returns the first child element of parent that has the given tagName and is part of the namespaceUri.

Definition at line 37 of file utils.cpp.

◆ nextSiblingElementNS()

QDomElement KDAV2::Utils::nextSiblingElementNS ( const QDomElement element,
const QString namespaceUri,
const QString tagName 

Returns the next sibling element of element that has the given tagName and is part of the namespaceUri.

Definition at line 51 of file utils.cpp.

◆ parsePrivilege()

Privileges KDAV2::Utils::parsePrivilege ( const QDomElement element)

Parses a single <privilege> tag and returns the final Privileges.

Definition at line 84 of file utils.cpp.

◆ protocolByName()

Protocol KDAV2::Utils::protocolByName ( const QString name)

Returns the protocol matching the given name.

This is the opposite of Utils::protocolName().

Definition at line 146 of file utils.cpp.

◆ protocolName()

QLatin1String KDAV2::Utils::protocolName ( Protocol  protocol)

Returns the untranslated name of the given DAV protocol dialect.

Definition at line 127 of file utils.cpp.

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