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MailTransport::DispatchModeAttribute Class Reference

#include <dispatchmodeattribute.h>

Inheritance diagram for MailTransport::DispatchModeAttribute:

Public Types

enum  DispatchMode { Automatic, Manual }
- Public Types inherited from Akonadi::Attribute
typedef QList< Attribute * > List

Public Member Functions

 DispatchModeAttribute (DispatchMode mode=Automatic)
 ~DispatchModeAttribute () override
DispatchModeAttributeclone () const override
void deserialize (const QByteArray &data) override
DispatchMode dispatchMode () const
QDateTime sendAfter () const
QByteArray serialized () const override
void setDispatchMode (DispatchMode mode)
void setSendAfter (const QDateTime &date)
QByteArray type () const override

Detailed Description

Attribute determining how and when a message from the outbox should be dispatched.

Messages can be sent immediately, sent only when the user explicitly requests it, or sent automatically at a certain date and time.

Constantin Berzan exit3[email protected][email protected][email protected]gmail[email protected].com

Definition at line 29 of file dispatchmodeattribute.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ DispatchMode

Determines how the message is sent.


Send message as soon as possible, but no earlier than.


specified by setSendAfter()

Send message only when the user requests so.

Definition at line 35 of file dispatchmodeattribute.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DispatchModeAttribute()

DispatchModeAttribute::DispatchModeAttribute ( DispatchMode  mode = Automatic)

Creates a new DispatchModeAttribute.

Definition at line 23 of file dispatchmodeattribute.cpp.

◆ ~DispatchModeAttribute()

DispatchModeAttribute::~DispatchModeAttribute ( )

Destroys the DispatchModeAttribute.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dispatchMode()

DispatchModeAttribute::DispatchMode DispatchModeAttribute::dispatchMode ( ) const

Returns the dispatch mode for the message.

See also

Definition at line 77 of file dispatchmodeattribute.cpp.

◆ sendAfter()

QDateTime DispatchModeAttribute::sendAfter ( ) const

Returns the date and time when the message should be sent.

Only valid if dispatchMode() is Automatic.

Definition at line 87 of file dispatchmodeattribute.cpp.

◆ setDispatchMode()

void DispatchModeAttribute::setDispatchMode ( DispatchMode  mode)

Sets the dispatch mode for the message.

modethe dispatch mode to set
See also

Definition at line 82 of file dispatchmodeattribute.cpp.

◆ setSendAfter()

void DispatchModeAttribute::setSendAfter ( const QDateTime date)

Sets the date and time when the message should be sent.

datethe date and time to set
See also

Definition at line 92 of file dispatchmodeattribute.cpp.

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