KMBox::MBox Member List

This is the complete list of members for KMBox::MBox, including all inherited members.

appendMessage(const KMime::Message::Ptr &message)KMBox::MBox
entries(const MBoxEntry::List &deletedEntries=MBoxEntry::List()) const KMBox::MBox
fileName() const KMBox::MBox
isReadOnly() const KMBox::MBox
load(const QString &fileName)KMBox::MBox
locked() const KMBox::MBox
LockType enum nameKMBox::MBox
MuttDotlock enum value (defined in KMBox::MBox)KMBox::MBox
MuttDotlockPrivileged enum value (defined in KMBox::MBox)KMBox::MBox
None enum value (defined in KMBox::MBox)KMBox::MBox
ProcmailLockfile enum value (defined in KMBox::MBox)KMBox::MBox
purge(const MBoxEntry::List &deletedEntries, QList< MBoxEntry::Pair > *movedEntries=nullptr)KMBox::MBox
readMessage(const MBoxEntry &entry)KMBox::MBox
readMessageHeaders(const MBoxEntry &entry)KMBox::MBox
readRawMessage(const MBoxEntry &entry)KMBox::MBox
save(const QString &fileName=QString())KMBox::MBox
setLockFile(const QString &lockFile)KMBox::MBox
setLockType(LockType ltype)KMBox::MBox
setReadOnly(bool ro=true)KMBox::MBox
setUnlockTimeout(int msec)KMBox::MBox
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