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KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList Class Reference

#include <kmime_headers.h>

Inheritance diagram for KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList:

Public Member Functions

void addAddress (const Types::Mailbox &mbox)
void addAddress (const QByteArray &address, const QString &displayName=QString())
QVector< QByteArrayaddresses () const
QByteArray as7BitString (bool withHeaderType=true) const override
QString asUnicodeString () const override
void clear () override
QStringList displayNames () const
QString displayString () const
void fromUnicodeString (const QString &s, const QByteArray &b) override
bool isEmpty () const override
Types::Mailbox::List mailboxes () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KMime::Headers::Generics::Structured
void from7BitString (const char *s, size_t len) override
void from7BitString (const QByteArray &s) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KMime::Headers::Base
 Base ()
virtual ~Base ()
bool is (const char *t) const
bool isMimeHeader () const
QByteArray rfc2047Charset () const
void setRFC2047Charset (const QByteArray &cs)
virtual const char * type () const

Protected Member Functions

bool parse (const char *&scursor, const char *const send, bool isCRLF=false) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KMime::Headers::Base
QByteArray typeIntro () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KMime::Headers::Base
typedef QVector< KMime::Headers::Base * > List

Detailed Description

Base class for headers that deal with (possibly multiple) addresses, but don't allow groups.

See also
RFC 2822, section 3.4

Definition at line 339 of file kmime_headers.h.

Member Function Documentation

void KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::addAddress ( const Types::Mailbox mbox)

Adds an address to this header.

mboxA Mailbox object specifying the address.

Definition at line 343 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

void KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::addAddress ( const QByteArray address,
const QString displayName = QString() 

Adds an address to this header.

addressThe actual email address, with or without angle brackets.
displayNameAn optional name associated with the address.

Definition at line 349 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

QVector< QByteArray > KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::addresses ( ) const

Returns a list of all addresses in this header, regardless of groups.

Definition at line 359 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

Address QByteArray KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::as7BitString ( bool  withHeaderType = true) const

Returns the encoded header.

withHeaderTypeSpecifies whether the header-type should be included.

Implements KMime::Headers::Base.

Definition at line 300 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

QString KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::asUnicodeString ( ) const

Returns the decoded content of the header without the header-type.

The return value of this method should only be used when showing an address to the user. It is not guaranteed that fromUnicodeString( asUnicodeString(), ... ) will return the original string.

Reimplemented from KMime::Headers::Generics::Structured.

Definition at line 326 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

void KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::clear ( )


Implements KMime::Headers::Base.

Definition at line 332 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

QStringList KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::displayNames ( ) const

Returns a list of all display names associated with the addresses in this header.

The address is added for addresses that do not have a display name.

Definition at line 370 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

QString KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::displayString ( ) const

Returns a single string for user-facing display of this mailbox list.

This is equivalent to displayNames().join(", ").


Definition at line 385 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

void KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::fromUnicodeString ( const QString s,
const QByteArray b 

Parses the given string and set the charset.

sThe header data as unicode string.
bThe charset preferred for encoding.

Reimplemented from KMime::Headers::Generics::Structured.

Definition at line 319 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

bool KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::isEmpty ( ) const

Checks if this header contains any data.

Implements KMime::Headers::Base.

Definition at line 338 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

Types::Mailbox::List KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::mailboxes ( ) const

Returns a list of mailboxes listed in this header.

Definition at line 399 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

bool KMime::Headers::Generics::MailboxList::parse ( const char *&  scursor,
const char *const  send,
bool  isCRLF = false 

This method parses the raw header and needs to be implemented in every sub-class.

scursorPointer to the start of the data still to parse.
sendPointer to the end of the data.
isCRLFtrue if input string is terminated with a CRLF.

Implements KMime::Headers::Generics::Structured.

Reimplemented in KMime::Headers::Generics::SingleMailbox.

Definition at line 404 of file kmime_headers.cpp.

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