kmime_mdn.cpp File Reference
#include "kmime_mdn.h"
#include "kmime_version.h"
#include "kmime_util.h"
#include "kmime_codecs.h"
#include "kmime_debug.h"
#include <KLocalizedString>
#include <QByteArray>
#include <unistd.h>
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QString KMime::MDN::descriptionFor (DispositionType d, const QVector< DispositionModifier > &)
static QByteArray KMime::MDN::dispositionField (DispositionType d, ActionMode a, SendingMode s, const QVector< DispositionModifier > &m)
QByteArray KMime::MDN::dispositionNotificationBodyContent (const QString &finalRecipient, const QByteArray &originalRecipient, const QByteArray &originalMsgID, DispositionType disposition, ActionMode actionMode, SendingMode sendingMode, const QVector< DispositionModifier > &dispositionModifers=QVector< DispositionModifier >(), const QString &special=QString())
static QByteArray KMime::MDN::finalRecipient (const QString &recipient)
static QByteArray KMime::MDN::orginalRecipient (const QByteArray &recipient)
static QByteArray KMime::MDN::originalMessageID (const QByteArray &msgid)
static QByteArray KMime::MDN::reportingUAField ()
static const char * KMime::MDN::stringFor (DispositionType d)
static const char * KMime::MDN::stringFor (DispositionModifier m)
static const char * KMime::MDN::stringFor (ActionMode a)
static const char * KMime::MDN::stringFor (SendingMode s)


struct {
   ActionMode   actionMode
   const char *   string
KMime::MDN::actionModes []
struct {
   DispositionModifier   dispositionModifier
   const char *   string
KMime::MDN::dispositionModifiers []
struct {
   const char *   description
   DispositionType   dispositionType
   const char *   string
KMime::MDN::dispositionTypes []
static const int KMime::MDN::numActionModes
static const int KMime::MDN::numDispositionModifiers
static const int KMime::MDN::numDispositionTypes
static const int KMime::MDN::numSendingModes
struct {
   SendingMode   sendingMode
   const char *   string
KMime::MDN::sendingModes []

Detailed Description

This file is part of the API for handling MIME data and provides functions for supporting Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs), also known as email return receipts.

Provides support for Message Disposition Notifications.

Marc Mutz <[email protected][email protected]kde.[email protected]org>

Definition in file kmime_mdn.cpp.

Function Documentation

KMIME_EXPORT QByteArray KMime::MDN::dispositionNotificationBodyContent ( const QString r,
const QByteArray o,
const QByteArray omid,
DispositionType  d,
ActionMode  a,
SendingMode  s,
const QVector< DispositionModifier > &  m,
const QString special 

Generates the content of the message/disposition-notification body part.

Definition at line 243 of file kmime_mdn.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const { ... } KMime::MDN::actionModes[]
Initial value:
= {
{ ManualAction, "manual-action" },
{ AutomaticAction, "automatic-action" }
const { ... } KMime::MDN::dispositionModifiers[]
Initial value:
= {
{ Error, "error" },
{ Warning, "warning" },
{ Superseded, "superseded" },
{ Expired, "expired" },
{ MailboxTerminated, "mailbox-terminated" }
const int KMime::MDN::numActionModes
Initial value:
sizeof actionModes / sizeof *actionModes

Definition at line 138 of file kmime_mdn.cpp.

const int KMime::MDN::numDispositionModifiers
Initial value:
sizeof dispositionModifiers / sizeof *dispositionModifiers

Definition at line 113 of file kmime_mdn.cpp.

const int KMime::MDN::numDispositionTypes
Initial value:
sizeof dispositionTypes / sizeof *dispositionTypes

Definition at line 86 of file kmime_mdn.cpp.

const int KMime::MDN::numSendingModes
Initial value:
sizeof sendingModes / sizeof *sendingModes

Definition at line 163 of file kmime_mdn.cpp.

const { ... } KMime::MDN::sendingModes[]
Initial value:
= {
{ SentManually, "MDN-sent-manually" },
{ SentAutomatically, "MDN-sent-automatically" }
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