formatter.h File Reference
#include <QString>
#include <KCalendarCore/MemoryCalendar>
#include "ktnef_export.h"
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KTNEF_EXPORT QString KTnef::formatTNEFInvitation (const QByteArray &tnef, const KCalendarCore::MemoryCalendar::Ptr &cal, KCalUtils::InvitationFormatterHelper *h)
KTNEF_EXPORT QString KTnef::msTNEFToVPart (const QByteArray &tnef)

Detailed Description

This file is part of the API for handling TNEF data and provides static Formatter helpers.

Provides helpers too format TNEF attachments into different formats like eg. a HTML representation.

Cornelius Schumacher
Reinhold Kainhofer

Definition in file formatter.h.

Function Documentation

QString KTnef::formatTNEFInvitation ( const QByteArray tnef,
const KCalendarCore::MemoryCalendar::Ptr cal,
KCalUtils::InvitationFormatterHelper h 

Formats a TNEF attachment to an HTML mail.

tnefis the QByteArray contain the TNEF data.
calis a pointer to a Calendar object.
his a pointer to a InvitationFormatterHelp object.

Definition at line 441 of file formatter.cpp.

QString KTnef::msTNEFToVPart ( const QByteArray tnef)

Transforms a TNEF attachment to an iCal or vCard.

tnefis the QByteArray containing the TNEF data.
a string containing the transformed attachment.

FIXME Need to get this attribute written

Definition at line 91 of file formatter.cpp.

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