#include <contact.h>

Inheritance diagram for KGAPI2::Contact:

Public Types

enum  IMProtocol {
  Jabber, ICQ, GoogleTalk, QQ,
  Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AIM,
- Public Types inherited from KContacts::Addressee
typedef AddresseeList List
typedef QHash< QString, AddresseeMap

Public Member Functions

 Contact ()
 Contact (const KContacts::Addressee &other)
 Contact (const Contact &other)
 ~Contact ()
void addGroup (const QString &group)
void clearGroups ()
QDateTime created () const
bool deleted () const
bool groupIsDeleted (const QString &group) const
QStringList groups () const
bool operator== (const Contact &other) const
QUrl photoUrl () const
void removeGroup (const QString &group)
void setCreated (const QDateTime &created)
void setDeleted (bool deleted)
void setGroups (const QStringList &groups)
void setPhotoUrl (const QString &photoUrl)
void setPhotoUrl (const QUrl &photoUrl)
void setUpdated (const QDateTime &updated)
QDateTime updated () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KGAPI2::Object
 Object ()
 Object (const Object &other)
virtual ~Object ()
QString etag () const
bool operator== (const Object &other) const
void setEtag (const QString &etag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KContacts::Addressee
 Addressee (const Addressee &other)
QString additionalName () const
Address address (Address::Type type) const
Address::List addresses () const
Address::List addresses (Address::Type type) const
QDate anniversary () const
QString assembledName () const
QString assistantsName () const
QDateTime birthday () const
bool birthdayHasTime () const
QUrl blogFeed () const
QStringList categories () const
bool changed () const
QString custom (const QString &app, const QString &name) const
QStringList customs () const
QString department () const
QStringList emails () const
QString familyName () const
Address findAddress (const QString &id) const
Key findKey (const QString &id) const
PhoneNumber findPhoneNumber (const QString &id) const
QString formattedName () const
QString fullEmail (const QString &email=QString()) const
Geo geo () const
QString givenName () const
bool hasCategory (const QString &category) const
void insertAddress (const Address &address)
void insertCategory (const QString &category)
void insertCustom (const QString &app, const QString &name, const QString &value)
void insertEmail (const QString &email, bool preferred=false, const QMap< QString, QStringList > &param=QMap< QString, QStringList >())
void insertKey (const Key &key)
void insertLang (const Lang &language)
void insertPhoneNumber (const PhoneNumber &phoneNumber)
bool isEmpty () const
Key key (Key::Type type, const QString &customTypeString=QString()) const
Key::List keys () const
Key::List keys (Key::Type type, const QString &customTypeString=QString()) const
Lang::List langs () const
Picture logo () const
QString mailer () const
QString managersName () const
QString name () const
QString nickName () const
QString note () const
QString office () const
bool operator!= (const Addressee &other) const
Addresseeoperator= (const Addressee &other)
bool operator== (const Addressee &other) const
QString organization () const
PhoneNumber phoneNumber (PhoneNumber::Type type) const
PhoneNumber::List phoneNumbers () const
PhoneNumber::List phoneNumbers (PhoneNumber::Type type) const
Picture photo () const
QString preferredEmail () const
QString prefix () const
QString productId () const
QString profession () const
QString realName () const
void removeAddress (const Address &address)
void removeCategory (const QString &category)
void removeCustom (const QString &app, const QString &name)
void removeEmail (const QString &email)
void removeKey (const Key &key)
void removeLang (const QString &language)
void removePhoneNumber (const PhoneNumber &phoneNumber)
QDateTime revision () const
QString role () const
Secrecy secrecy () const
void setAdditionalName (const QString &additionalName)
void setAnniversary (const QDate &anniversary)
void setAssistantsName (const QString &assistantsName)
void setBirthday (const QDateTime &birthday, bool withTime=true)
void setBirthday (const QDate &birthday)
void setBlogFeed (const QUrl &blogFeed)
void setCategories (const QStringList &category)
void setChanged (bool value)
void setCustoms (const QStringList &customs)
void setDepartment (const QString &department)
void setEmails (const QStringList &list)
void setFamilyName (const QString &familyName)
void setFormattedName (const QString &formattedName)
void setGeo (const Geo &geo)
void setGivenName (const QString &givenName)
void setKeys (const Key::List &keys)
void setLogo (const Picture &logo)
void setMailer (const QString &mailer)
void setManagersName (const QString &managersName)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setNameFromString (const QString &s)
void setNickName (const QString &nickName)
void setNote (const QString &note)
void setOffice (const QString &office)
void setOrganization (const QString &organization)
void setPhoto (const Picture &photo)
void setPrefix (const QString &prefix)
void setProductId (const QString &productId)
void setProfession (const QString &profession)
void setRevision (const QDateTime &revision)
void setRole (const QString &role)
void setSecrecy (const Secrecy &secrecy)
void setSortString (const QString &sortString)
void setSound (const Sound &sound)
void setSpousesName (const QString &spousesName)
void setSuffix (const QString &suffix)
void setTimeZone (const TimeZone &timeZone)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setUid (const QString &uid)
void setUrl (const ResourceLocatorUrl &url)
QString sortString () const
Sound sound () const
QString spousesName () const
QString suffix () const
TimeZone timeZone () const
QString title () const
QString toString () const
QString uid () const
ResourceLocatorUrl url () const

Static Public Member Functions

static KContacts::Address::Type addressSchemeToType (const QString &scheme, bool primary=false)
static QString addressTypeToScheme (const KContacts::Address::Type type, bool *primary=nullptr)
static QString emailSchemeToProtocolName (const QString &scheme)
static QString IMProtocolNameToScheme (const QString &protocolName)
static QString IMProtocolToScheme (const IMProtocol protocol)
static IMProtocol IMSchemeToProtocol (const QString &scheme)
static QString IMSchemeToProtocolName (const QString &scheme)
static KContacts::PhoneNumber::Type phoneSchemeToType (const QString &scheme)
static QString phoneTypeToScheme (const KContacts::PhoneNumber::Type type)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KContacts::Addressee
static QString additionalNameLabel ()
static QString birthdayLabel ()
static QString businessAddressCountryLabel ()
static QString businessAddressLabelLabel ()
static QString businessAddressLocalityLabel ()
static QString businessAddressPostalCodeLabel ()
static QString businessAddressPostOfficeBoxLabel ()
static QString businessAddressRegionLabel ()
static QString businessAddressStreetLabel ()
static QString businessFaxLabel ()
static QString businessPhoneLabel ()
static QString carPhoneLabel ()
static QString departmentLabel ()
static QString emailLabel ()
static QString familyNameLabel ()
static QString formattedNameLabel ()
static QString geoLabel ()
static QString givenNameLabel ()
static QString homeAddressCountryLabel ()
static QString homeAddressLabelLabel ()
static QString homeAddressLocalityLabel ()
static QString homeAddressPostalCodeLabel ()
static QString homeAddressPostOfficeBoxLabel ()
static QString homeAddressRegionLabel ()
static QString homeAddressStreetLabel ()
static QString homeFaxLabel ()
static QString homePhoneLabel ()
static QString isdnLabel ()
static QString logoLabel ()
static QString mailerLabel ()
static QString mimeType ()
static QString mobilePhoneLabel ()
static QString nameLabel ()
static QString nickNameLabel ()
static QString noteLabel ()
static QString organizationLabel ()
static QString pagerLabel ()
static void parseEmailAddress (const QString &rawEmail, QString &fullName, QString &email)
static QString photoLabel ()
static QString prefixLabel ()
static QString productIdLabel ()
static QString revisionLabel ()
static QString roleLabel ()
static QString secrecyLabel ()
static QString sortStringLabel ()
static QString soundLabel ()
static QString suffixLabel ()
static QString timeZoneLabel ()
static QString titleLabel ()
static QString uidLabel ()
static QString urlLabel ()

Detailed Description

Represents a single contact.

Daniel Vrátil dvrat[email protected][email protected][email protected]edhat[email protected].com

Definition at line 28 of file contact.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Instant Messaging Protocols.

Definition at line 36 of file contact.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Contact::Contact ( )


Definition at line 49 of file contact.cpp.

Contact::Contact ( const KContacts::Addressee other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 71 of file contact.cpp.

Contact::Contact ( const Contact other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 56 of file contact.cpp.

Contact::~Contact ( )


Definition at line 86 of file contact.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Contact::addGroup ( const QString group)

Adds a group the contact is member of.


Definition at line 170 of file contact.cpp.

KContacts::Address::Type Contact::addressSchemeToType ( const QString scheme,
bool  primary = false 

Converts Google Scheme UrL to address type.


Definition at line 333 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::addressTypeToScheme ( const KContacts::Address::Type  type,
bool *  primary = nullptr 

Converts address type to Google Scheme URL.


Definition at line 315 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::clearGroups ( )

Removes contact from all groups it's member of.

Definition at line 208 of file contact.cpp.

QDateTime Contact::created ( ) const

Returns date and time when the contact was created.

Definition at line 155 of file contact.cpp.

bool Contact::deleted ( ) const

Returns whether contact is deleted.

Definition at line 130 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::emailSchemeToProtocolName ( const QString scheme)

Contacts Google scheme URL to email type.

Definition at line 424 of file contact.cpp.

bool Contact::groupIsDeleted ( const QString group) const

Returns whether contact has been removed from the group or not.


Definition at line 223 of file contact.cpp.

QStringList Contact::groups ( ) const

Returns list of groups the contact is member of.

Definition at line 199 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::IMProtocolNameToScheme ( const QString protocolName)

Converts string with protocol name to Google Scheme URL.


Definition at line 268 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::IMProtocolToScheme ( const IMProtocol  protocol)

Converts IMProtocol to Google Scheme URL.


Definition at line 233 of file contact.cpp.

Contact::IMProtocol Contact::IMSchemeToProtocol ( const QString scheme)

Converts Google Scheme URL to IMProtocol.


Definition at line 291 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::IMSchemeToProtocolName ( const QString scheme)

Converts Google Scheme URL to string with protocol name.


Definition at line 259 of file contact.cpp.

KContacts::PhoneNumber::Type Contact::phoneSchemeToType ( const QString scheme)

Converts Google Scheme URL to phone number type.


Definition at line 387 of file contact.cpp.

QString Contact::phoneTypeToScheme ( const KContacts::PhoneNumber::Type  type)

Converts phone number type to Google Scheme URL.


Definition at line 351 of file contact.cpp.

QUrl Contact::photoUrl ( ) const

Returns URL of contact photo.

Definition at line 145 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::removeGroup ( const QString group)

Remove contact from a group.

Use this method to remove contact from groups, instead of setGroups(QStringList()). To clear group membership use clearGroups()


Definition at line 216 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::setCreated ( const QDateTime created)

Sets date and time when the contact was created.


Definition at line 150 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::setDeleted ( bool  deleted)

Marks contact as deleted.


Definition at line 125 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::setGroups ( const QStringList groups)

Set list of groups the contact is member of.


Definition at line 189 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::setPhotoUrl ( const QString photoUrl)

Sets URL of contact photo.


Definition at line 135 of file contact.cpp.

void Contact::setUpdated ( const QDateTime updated)

Sets date and time or last modification.


Definition at line 160 of file contact.cpp.

QDateTime Contact::updated ( ) const

Returns date and time of last modification.

Definition at line 165 of file contact.cpp.

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