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KSieveUi::SieveImapAccountSettings Class Reference

#include <sieveimapaccountsettings.h>

Public Types

enum  AuthenticationMode {
  ClearText = 0, Login, Plain, CramMD5,
  DigestMD5, NTLM, GSSAPI, Anonymous,
enum  EncryptionMode { Unencrypted = 0, SSLorTLS, STARTTLS }

Public Member Functions

AuthenticationMode authenticationType () const
SieveImapAccountSettings::EncryptionMode encryptionMode () const
QString identifier () const
bool isValid () const
bool operator== (const SieveImapAccountSettings &other) const
QString password () const
int port () const
QString serverName () const
void setAuthenticationType (KSieveUi::SieveImapAccountSettings::AuthenticationMode type)
void setEncryptionMode (EncryptionMode encryptionMode)
void setPassword (const QString &password)
void setPort (int port)
void setServerName (const QString &serverName)
void setUserName (const QString &userName)
QString userName () const

Detailed Description

Member Enumeration Documentation


Use SSL/TLS encryption, KIMAP will automatically negoatiate the best supported encryption protocol.


Use STARTTLS to upgrade an initially plaintext connection to encrypted connection. KIMAP will automatically negoatiate the best supported encryption protocol.

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