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PimCommon::AutoCorrection Class Reference

#include <autocorrection.h>

Public Member Functions

bool addAutoCorrect (const QString &currentWord, const QString &replaceWord)
bool autocorrect (bool htmlMode, QTextDocument &document, int &position)
QHash< QString, QStringautocorrectEntries () const
bool isAddNonBreakingSpace () const
bool isAdvancedAutocorrect () const
bool isAutoBoldUnderline () const
bool isAutoFormatUrl () const
bool isAutoFractions () const
bool isCapitalizeWeekDays () const
bool isEnabledAutoCorrection () const
bool isFixTwoUppercaseChars () const
bool isReplaceDoubleQuotes () const
bool isReplaceSingleQuotes () const
bool isSingleSpaces () const
bool isSuperScript () const
bool isUppercaseFirstCharOfSentence () const
QString language () const
void loadGlobalFileName (const QString &fname, bool forceGlobal)
void loadLocalFileName (const QString &localFileName, const QString &fname)
void setAddNonBreakingSpace (bool b)
void setAdvancedAutocorrect (bool b)
void setAutoBoldUnderline (bool b)
void setAutocorrectEntries (const QHash< QString, QString > &entries)
void setAutoFormatUrl (bool b)
void setAutoFractions (bool b)
void setCapitalizeWeekDays (bool b)
void setEnabledAutoCorrection (bool b)
void setFixTwoUppercaseChars (bool b)
void setLanguage (const QString &lang, bool forceGlobal=false)
void setNonBreakingSpace (QChar nonBreakingSpace)
void setReplaceDoubleQuotes (bool b)
void setReplaceSingleQuotes (bool b)
void setSingleSpaces (bool b)
void setSuperScript (bool b)
void setTwoUpperLetterExceptions (const QSet< QString > &exceptions)
void setTypographicDoubleQuotes (TypographicQuotes doubleQuote)
void setTypographicSingleQuotes (TypographicQuotes singleQuote)
void setUpperCaseExceptions (const QSet< QString > &exceptions)
void setUppercaseFirstCharOfSentence (bool b)
QSet< QStringtwoUpperLetterExceptions () const
TypographicQuotes typographicDefaultDoubleQuotes () const
TypographicQuotes typographicDefaultSingleQuotes () const
TypographicQuotes typographicDoubleQuotes () const
TypographicQuotes typographicSingleQuotes () const
QSet< QStringupperCaseExceptions () const
void writeAutoCorrectionXmlFile (const QString &filename=QString())
void writeConfig ()

Detailed Description

The AutoCorrection class.

Laurent Montel monte[email protected][email protected][email protected]e.org

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