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 CBackupFileSystemJobBack up a FileSystem
 CBackupOperationBack up a FileSystem
 CCapacityRepresent any kind of capacity
 CChangePermissionJobCheck a FileSystem
 CCheckFileSystemJobCheck a FileSystem
 CCheckOperationCheck a Partition
 CCopyFileSystemJobCopy a FileSystem
 CCopyOperationCopy a Partition
 CCopySourceBase class for something to copy from
 CCopySourceDeviceA Device to copy from
 CCopySourceFileA file to copy from
 CCopySourceShredA source for securely overwriting a partition (shredding)
 CCopyTargetBase class for something to copy to
 CCopyTargetByteArrayA file to copy to
 CCopyTargetDeviceA Device to copy to
 CCopyTargetFileA file to copy to
 CCoreBackendInterface class for backend plugins
 CCoreBackendDeviceInterface class for devices in the backend plugin
 CCoreBackendManagerThe backend manager class
 CCoreBackendPartitionTableInterface class to represent a partition table in the backend
 CCreateFileSystemJobCreate a FileSystem
 CCreateFileSystemOperationCreate a FileSystem
 CCreatePartitionJobCreate a Partition
 CCreatePartitionTableJobCreate a PartitionTable
 CCreatePartitionTableOperationCreate a PartitionTable
 CDeleteFileSystemJobDelete a FileSystem
 CDeleteOperationDelete a Partition
 CDeletePartitionJobDelete a Partition
 CDeviceA device description
 CDeviceScannerThread to scan for all available Devices on this computer
 CDiskDeviceA disk device
 CDummyBackendDummy backend plugin that doesn't really do anything
 CExternalCommandAn external command
 CFileSystemBase class for all FileSystems
 CFileSystemFactoryFactory to create instances of FileSystem
 CFstabEntryBase class for fstab handling
 CGlobalLogGlobal logging
 CJobBase class for all Jobs
 CLvmDeviceRepresentation of LVM Volume Group(VG)
 CLvmPVStores information about LVM PV or potentially encrypted LVM PV
 CMoveFileSystemJobMove a FileSystem
 CNewOperationCreate a Partition
 COperationBase class of all Operations
 COperationRunnerThread to run the Operations in the OperationStack
 COperationStackThe list of Operations the user wants to have performed
 CPartitionA partition or some unallocated space on a Device
 CPartitionNodeA node in the tree of partitions
 CPartitionRoleA Partition's role
 CPartitionTableThe partition table (a.k.a Disk Label)
 CPartResizerWidgetWidget that allows the user to resize a Partition
 CPartWidgetWidget that represents a Partition
 CPartWidgetBaseBase class for all widgets that need to position Partitions
 CReportReport details about running Operations and Jobs
 CResizeFileSystemJobResize a FileSystem
 CResizeOperationResizes a Partition and FileSystem
 CRestoreFileSystemJobRestore a FileSystem
 CRestoreOperationRestore a Partition
 CSetFileSystemLabelJobSet a FileSystem label
 CSetFileSystemLabelOperationSet a FileSystem label
 CSetPartFlagsJobSet a Partition's flags
 CSetPartFlagsOperationSet Partition flags
 CSetPartGeometryJobSet a Partition's geometry
 CSetPartitionAttributesJobSet a Partition attributes (GPT only)
 CSetPartitionLabelJobSet a Partition label (GPT only)
 CSetPartitionUUIDJobSet a Partition UUID (GPT only)
 CSfdiskBackendBackend plugin for sfdisk
 CSfdiskGptAttributesSfdisk GPT Attributes helpers
 CShredFileSystemJobSecurely delete and shred a FileSystem
 CSmartAttributeParsedDataA SMART parsed attribute
 CSmartDiskInformationDisk information retrieved by SMART
 CSmartParserA parser to SMART JSON output
 CVolumeManagerDeviceA Volume Manager of physical devices represented as an abstract device
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