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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CCapacityRepresent any kind of capacity
 CCopySourceBase class for something to copy from
 CCopySourceDeviceA Device to copy from
 CCopySourceFileA file to copy from
 CCopySourceShredA source for securely overwriting a partition (shredding)
 CCopyTargetBase class for something to copy to
 CCopyTargetByteArrayA file to copy to
 CCopyTargetDeviceA Device to copy to
 CCopyTargetFileA file to copy to
 CCoreBackendDeviceInterface class for devices in the backend plugin
 CCoreBackendManagerThe backend manager class
 CCoreBackendPartitionTableInterface class to represent a partition table in the backend
 CFileSystemBase class for all FileSystems
 CFS::apfsAn APFS file system
 CFS::bitlockerA Bitlocker encrypted file system
 CFS::btrfsA btrfs file system
 CFS::exfatAn exfat file system
 CFS::ext2An ext2 file system
 CFS::extendedAn extended file system
 CFS::f2fsA f2fs file system
 CFS::fat12A fat12 file system
 CFS::hfsAn hfs file system
 CFS::hfsplusAn hfsplus file system
 CFS::hpfsA hpfs file system
 CFS::iso9660A iso9660 file system
 CFS::jfsA JFS file system
 CFS::linuxraidmemberA linux_raid_member file system
 CFS::linuxswapA linux swap pseudo file system
 CFS::luksA LUKS crypto file system
 CFS::lvm2_pvLVM2 physical volume
 CFS::minixA minix(Mini Unix) file system
 CFS::nilfs2A nilfs2 file system
 CFS::ntfsAn NTFS file system
 CFS::ocfs2A ocfs2 file system
 CFS::reiser4A Reiser4 file system
 CFS::reiserfsA ReiserFS file system
 CFS::udfA udf file system
 CFS::ufsA UFS file system
 CFS::unformattedA pseudo file system for unformatted partitions
 CFS::unknownA pseudo file system for partitions whose file system we cannot determine
 CFS::xfsAn XFS file system
 CFS::zfsA zfs file system
 CFileSystemFactoryFactory to create instances of FileSystem
 CFstabEntryBase class for fstab handling
 CLvmPVStores information about LVM PV or potentially encrypted LVM PV
 CPartitionRoleA Partition's role
 CLVM::pvListClass to access a global LVM PV list
 CQObject [external]
 CCoreBackendInterface class for backend plugins
 CDeviceA device description
 CExternalCommandAn external command
 CGlobalLogGlobal logging
 CJobBase class for all Jobs
 COperationBase class of all Operations
 COperationStackThe list of Operations the user wants to have performed
 CPartitionNodeA node in the tree of partitions
 CQThread [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CReportReport details about running Operations and Jobs
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CSfdiskGptAttributesSfdisk GPT Attributes helpers
 CSmartAttributeParsedDataA SMART parsed attribute
 CSmartDiskInformationDisk information retrieved by SMART
 CSmartParserA parser to SMART JSON output
 CSmartAttributeParsedData::SmartQuirkDataBaseSMART Quirk to some particular model and firmware
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