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 CAbstractDataSourceAbstracts the data that can be transferred to another client
 CAppMenuInterfaceProvides the DBus service name and object path to a AppMenu DBus interface
 CInterfaceAddressStructure containing DBus service name and path
 CAppMenuManagerInterfaceProvides the DBus service name and object path to a AppMenu DBus interface
 CBlurInterfaceRepresents the Resource for the org_kde_kwin_blur interface
 CBlurManagerInterfaceRepresents the Global for org_kde_kwin_blur_manager interface
 CBufferInterfaceReference counted representation of a Wayland buffer on Server side
 CClientConnectionConvenient Class which represents a wl_client
 CCompositorInterfaceThe CompositorInterface global allows clients to create surfaces and region objects
 CConfinedPointerInterfaceThe ConfinedPointerInterface gets installed on a SurfaceInterface
 CContrastInterfaceRepresents the Resource for the org_kde_kwin_contrast interface
 CContrastManagerInterfaceRepresents the Global for org_kde_kwin_contrast_manager interface
 CCursorClass encapsulating a Cursor image
 CDataControlDeviceManagerV1InterfaceThe DataControlDeviceManagerV1Interface provides a way for privileged clients such as clipboard managers to manage the current selection
 CDataControlDeviceV1InterfaceThe DataControlDeviceV1Interface extensions allows clients to manage seat's current selection
 CDataControlOfferV1InterfaceThe DataControlOfferV1Interface extension represents a piece of data offered for transfer
 CDataControlSourceV1InterfaceSource side in a data transfer
 CDataDeviceInterfaceDataDeviceInterface allows clients to share data by copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop
 CDataDeviceManagerInterfaceRepresents the Global for wl_data_device_manager interface
 CDataOfferInterfaceRepresents the Resource for the wl_data_offer interface
 CDataSourceInterfaceRepresents the Resource for the wl_data_source interface
 CDisplayClass holding the Wayland server display loop
 CDpmsManagerInterfaceGlobal for server side Display Power Management Signaling interface
 CEglStreamControllerInterfaceRepresents the Global for the wl_eglstream_controller interface
 CFakeInputDeviceRepresents the Resource for a org_kde_kwin_fake_input interface
 CFakeInputInterfaceRepresents the Global for org_kde_kwin_fake_input interface
 CFilteredDisplayServer Implementation that allows one to restrict which globals are available to which clients
 CGlobalBase class for all Globals
 CIdleInhibitManagerV1InterfaceThe IdleInhibitorManagerInterface is used by clients to inhibit idle on a SurfaceInterface
 CIdleInterfaceGlobal representing the org_kde_kwin_idle interface
 CInputMethodContextV1InterfaceImplements zwp_input_method_context_v1, allows to describe the client's input state
 CInputPanelSurfaceV1InterfaceImplements zwp_input_panel_surface_v1, it corresponds to each element shown so it can be placed
 CInputPanelV1InterfaceImplements zwp_input_panel_v1, tells us about the InputPanelSurfaceV1Interface that we might get
 CKeyboardInterfaceResource for the wl_keyboard interface
 CKeyboardShortcutsInhibitManagerV1InterfaceThe KeyboardShortcutsInhibitManagerV1Interface allows clients to inhibit global shortcuts
 CKeyboardShortcutsInhibitorV1InterfaceThis is an implementation of wayland-protocols/unstable/keyboard-shortcuts-inhibit/keyboard-shortcuts-inhibit-unstable-v1.xml
 CKeyStateInterfaceExposes key states to wayland clients
 CLayerShellV1InterfaceThe LayerShellV1Interface compositor extension allows to create desktop shell surfaces
 CLayerSurfaceV1InterfaceDesktop shell surface, e.g
 CLinuxDmabufBufferThe base class for linux-dmabuf buffers
 CLinuxDmabufUnstableV1InterfaceRepresents the global zpw_linux_dmabuf_v1 interface
 CImplThe Iface class provides an interface from the LinuxDmabufInterface into the compositor
 CPlaneRepresents a plane in a buffer
 CLockedPointerInterfaceThe LockedPointerInterface lets the client request to disable movements of the virtual pointer (i.e
 COutputChangeSetHolds a set of changes to an OutputInterface or OutputDeviceInterface
 COutputDeviceInterfaceRepresents an output device, the difference to Output is that this output can be disabled, so not currently used to display content
 COutputInterfaceGlobal for the wl_output interface
 CPlasmaShellInterfaceGlobal for the org_kde_plasma_shell interface
 CPlasmaShellSurfaceInterfaceResource for the org_kde_plasma_shell_surface interface
 CPlasmaVirtualDesktopManagementInterfaceWrapper for the org_kde_plasma_virtual_desktop_management interface
 CPointerConstraintsInterfaceManager object to create pointer constraints
 CPointerGesturesInterfaceManager object for the PointerGestures
 CPointerInterfaceResource for the wl_pointer interface
 CPrimarySelectionDeviceManagerV1InterfaceRepresents the Global for zwp_primary_selection_manager_v1 interface
 CPrimarySelectionDeviceV1InterfaceRepresents the Resource for the wl_data_device interface
 CPrimarySelectionOfferV1InterfaceRepresents the Resource for the wl_data_offer interface
 CPrimarySelectionSourceV1InterfaceRepresents the Resource for the zwp_primary_selection_source_v1 interface
 CRegionInterfaceResource for the wl_region
 CRelativePointerManagerInterfaceManager object to create relative pointer interfaces
 CResourceRepresents a bound Resource
 CSeatInterfaceRepresents a Seat on the Wayland Display
 CServerSideDecorationInterfaceRepresenting how a SurfaceInterface should be decorated
 CServerSideDecorationManagerInterfaceManager to create ServerSideDecorationInterface
 CServerSideDecorationPaletteInterfaceProvides the palette This interface is attached to a wl_surface and informs the server of a requested palette
 CServerSideDecorationPaletteManagerInterfaceAllows a client to specify a preferred palette to use for server-side window decorations
 CSurfaceInterfaceResource representing a wl_surface
 CTabletSeatInterfaceThis is an implementation of wayland-protocols/unstable/tablet/tablet-unstable-v2.xml
 CTextInputManagerV2InterfaceRepresent the Global for the interface
 CTextInputManagerV3InterfaceRepresent the Global for the interface
 CTextInputV2InterfaceRepresents a generic Resource for a text input object
 CTextInputV3InterfaceRepresents a generic Resource for a text input object
 CTouchInterfaceResource for the wl_touch interface
 CViewporterInterfaceThe ViewporterInterface is an extension that allows clients to crop and scale surfaces
 CXdgDecorationManagerV1InterfaceWay for the compositor and an xdg-shell client to negotiate the use of server-side window decorations
 CXdgForeignV2InterfaceThis class encapsulates the server side logic of the XdgForeign protocol
 CXdgOutputManagerV1InterfaceGlobal manager for XdgOutputs
 CXdgOutputV1InterfaceExtension to Output Users should set all relevant values on creation and on future changes
 CXdgPopupInterfaceSurface that can be used to implement context menus, popovers and other similar short-lived user interface elements
 CXdgPositionerCollection of rules for the placement of a popup surface
 CXdgShellInterfaceExtension for destrop-style user interfaces
 CXdgSurfaceInterfaceBase set of functionality required to construct user interface elements
 CXdgToplevelDecorationV1InterfaceAllows the compositor to toggle server-side window decoration on an xdg-toplevel surface
 CXdgToplevelInterfaceSurface with window-like functionality such as maximize, fullscreen, resizing, minimizing, etc
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