Deprecated List
Member KWaylandServer::OutputChangeSet::scale () const
Since 5.50, use scaleF
Member KWaylandServer::OutputDeviceInterface::scale () const
Since 5.50, use scaleF()
Member KWaylandServer::OutputDeviceInterface::scaleChanged (int)
Since 5.50, use scaleFChanged(qreal)
Member KWaylandServer::OutputDeviceInterface::setScale (int scale)
Since 5.50, use setScale(qreal)
Member KWaylandServer::PlasmaWindowInterface::setThemedIconName (const QString &iconName)
since 5.28 use setIcon
Member KWaylandServer::PlasmaWindowInterface::setVirtualDesktop (quint32 desktop)
Since 5.52, use addPlasmaVirtualDesktop and removePlasmaVirtualDesktop
Member KWaylandServer::PlasmaWindowInterface::virtualDesktopRequested (quint32 desktop)
Since 5.52, use enterPlasmaVirtualDesktopRequested and leavePlasmaVirtualDesktopRequested instead
Member KWaylandServer::SeatInterface::tourch
Since 5.5, use touch
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