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KWeatherCore::AlertEntry Class Reference

#include <alertentry.h>

Public Types

enum  MsgType {
  Unknown, Alert, Update, Cancel,
  Ack, Error
enum  Scope { Unknown, Public, Restricted, Private }
enum  Status {
  Unknown, Actual, Exercise, System,
  Test, Draft


QString identifier
QString note
QString sender
QDateTime sentTime

Public Member Functions

 AlertEntry ()
 AlertEntry (const AlertEntry &other)
 AlertEntry (AlertEntry &&other)
void addInfo (const AlertInfo &alertInfo)
void addInfo (AlertInfo &&alertInfo)
const QStringidentifier () const
const std::vector< AlertInfo > & infoVec () const
MsgType msgType () const
const QStringnote () const
AlertEntryoperator= (const AlertEntry &other)
AlertEntryoperator= (AlertEntry &&other)
Scope scope () const
const QStringsender () const
const QDateTimesentTime () const
void setIdentifier (const QString &identifier)
void setInfoVec (const std::vector< AlertInfo > &infoVec)
void setInfoVec (std::vector< AlertInfo > &&infoVec)
void setMsgType (MsgType msgType)
void setNote (const QString &note)
void setScope (Scope scope)
void setSender (const QString &sender)
void setSentTime (const QDateTime &dateTime)
void setStatus (Status status)
Status status () const

Detailed Description

Class represents single CAP.

This class contains the information of a parsed CAP file

See also
Anjani Kumar anjan[email protected]ik01[email protected][email protected][email protected]il.c[email protected]om

Definition at line 24 of file alertentry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::AlertEntry ( )

Default constructor, Status, MsgType, Scope are set to Unknown.

Definition at line 24 of file alertentry.cpp.

KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::AlertEntry ( const AlertEntry other)

Copy Constructor.

Definition at line 28 of file alertentry.cpp.

KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::AlertEntry ( AlertEntry &&  other)

overloaded copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::identifier ( ) const

identifier of CAP

const std::vector< AlertInfo > & KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::infoVec ( ) const

the parsed info entries in CAP see

Definition at line 68 of file alertentry.cpp.

AlertEntry::MsgType KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::msgType ( ) const

msgType enum, initilized to Unknown

Definition at line 56 of file alertentry.cpp.

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::note ( ) const

note of CAP

AlertEntry::Scope KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::scope ( ) const

scope enum, initilized to Unknown

Definition at line 60 of file alertentry.cpp.

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::sender ( ) const

CAP file sender.

const QDateTime& KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::sentTime ( ) const

sentTime of CAP

AlertEntry::Status KWeatherCore::AlertEntry::status ( ) const

status enum, initilized to Unknown

Definition at line 52 of file alertentry.cpp.

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