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KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry Class Reference

#include <alertfeedentry.h>


QString area
QString certainty
QDateTime date
QString severity
QString summary
QString title
QString urgency

Public Member Functions

 AlertFeedEntry ()
 AlertFeedEntry (AlertFeedEntry &&other)
 AlertFeedEntry (const AlertFeedEntry &other)
const QStringarea () const
const AreaCodeVec & areaCodes () const
PendingCAPCAP () const
QString certainty () const
const QDateTimedate () const
AlertFeedEntryoperator= (AlertFeedEntry &&other)
AlertFeedEntryoperator= (const AlertFeedEntry &other)
const CAPPolygon & polygon () const
void setArea (const QString &area)
void setAreaCodes (AreaCodeVec &&areaCodes)
void setAreaCodes (const AreaCodeVec &areaCodes)
void setCertainty (CAPAlertInfo::Certainty certainty)
void setDate (const QDateTime &date)
void setPolygon (CAPPolygon &&polygon)
void setSeverity (CAPAlertInfo::Severity severity)
void setSummary (const QString &summary)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setUrgency (CAPAlertInfo::Urgency urgency)
void setUrl (const QUrl &url)
QString severity () const
const QStringsummary () const
const QStringtitle () const
QString urgency () const

Detailed Description

Class represents single CAP.

This class contains the parsed CAP FEED entry

Han Young

Definition at line 24 of file alertfeedentry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AlertFeedEntry() [1/2]

KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::AlertFeedEntry ( )

default constructor

Definition at line 27 of file alertfeedentry.cpp.

◆ AlertFeedEntry() [2/2]

KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::AlertFeedEntry ( const AlertFeedEntry other)

copy constructor

Definition at line 31 of file alertfeedentry.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ area()

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::area ( ) const

area name, for accurate location use @AreaCodes if possible

◆ areaCodes()

const AreaCodeVec & KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::areaCodes ( ) const


pairs of QString, the first one is code type, ie. {"UGC", "AKZ017 AKZ020 AKZ021 AKZ022 AKZ023"}

Definition at line 71 of file alertfeedentry.cpp.

◆ CAP()

PendingCAP * KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::CAP ( ) const

CAP, request to download CAP file.

it is the client's responsibility to delete the PendingCAP afterward to avoid memory leak

Definition at line 65 of file alertfeedentry.cpp.

◆ certainty()

QString KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::certainty ( ) const


localized, "Unknown" by defaut

◆ date()

const QDateTime& KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::date ( ) const

could be date of the alert or the date of this message refer to CAP for accurate date see @CAP

◆ polygon()

const CAPPolygon & KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::polygon ( ) const

area polygon

latitude longitude pairs

Definition at line 75 of file alertfeedentry.cpp.

◆ severity()

QString KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::severity ( ) const


localized, "Unknown" by defaut

◆ summary()

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::summary ( ) const

summary of this entry

◆ title()

const QString& KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::title ( ) const

title of this entry

◆ urgency()

QString KWeatherCore::AlertFeedEntry::urgency ( ) const


localized, "Unknown" by defaut

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