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#include <sunrise.h>


qreal highMoon
QDateTime highMoonTime
qreal lowMoon
QDateTime lowMoonTime
qreal moonPhase
QString moonPhaseString
QDateTime moonRise
QDateTime moonSet
qreal solarMidnight
QDateTime solarMidnightTime
qreal solarNoon
QDateTime solarNoonTime
QDateTime sunRise
QDateTime sunSet

Public Member Functions

 Sunrise (const Sunrise &other)
double highMoon () const
QDateTime highMoonTime () const
double lowMoon () const
QDateTime lowMoonTime () const
double moonPhase () const
QString moonPhaseString () const
const QDateTimemoonRise () const
const QDateTimemoonSet () const
Sunriseoperator= (const Sunrise &other)
void setHighMoon (const QPair< QDateTime, double > &highMoon)
void setLowMoon (const QPair< QDateTime, double > &lowMoon)
void setMoonPhase (double moonPhase)
void setMoonRise (const QDateTime &moonRise)
void setMoonSet (const QDateTime &moonSet)
void setSolarMidnight (const QPair< QDateTime, double > &solarMidnight)
void setSolarNoon (const QPair< QDateTime, double > &solarNoon)
void setSunRise (const QDateTime &sunRise)
void setSunSet (const QDateTime &sunSet)
double solarMidnight () const
QDateTime solarMidnightTime () const
double solarNoon () const
QDateTime solarNoonTime () const
const QDateTimesunRise () const
const QDateTimesunSet () const
QJsonObject toJson () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Sunrise fromJson (QJsonObject obj)

Detailed Description

The Sunrise class contains the information of sunrise/set on a day and more.

See also
Han Young hanyo[email protected][email protected][email protected]proto[email protected]nmai[email protected]

Definition at line 24 of file sunrise.h.

Member Function Documentation

Sunrise KWeatherCore::Sunrise::fromJson ( QJsonObject  obj)

construct from json

Definition at line 44 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setHighMoon ( const QPair< QDateTime, double > &  highMoon)

set high moon time and elevation

Definition at line 133 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setLowMoon ( const QPair< QDateTime, double > &  lowMoon)

set low moon time time and elevation

Definition at line 145 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setMoonPhase ( double  moonPhase)

set moon phase

moonPhase0..25: "waxing crescent"; 25..50: "waxing gibbous"; 50..75: "waning gibbous"; 75..100: "waning crescent";

Definition at line 165 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setMoonRise ( const QDateTime moonRise)

set moon rise time

Definition at line 157 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setMoonSet ( const QDateTime moonSet)

set moon set time

Definition at line 161 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setSolarMidnight ( const QPair< QDateTime, double > &  solarMidnight)

set solar midnight time and elevation

Definition at line 137 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setSolarNoon ( const QPair< QDateTime, double > &  solarNoon)

set solar noon time and elevation

Definition at line 141 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setSunRise ( const QDateTime sunRise)

sun rise time

Definition at line 149 of file sunrise.cpp.

void KWeatherCore::Sunrise::setSunSet ( const QDateTime sunSet)

set sun set time

Definition at line 153 of file sunrise.cpp.

QJsonObject KWeatherCore::Sunrise::toJson ( ) const

convert to json

Definition at line 62 of file sunrise.cpp.

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