KDE 2.1 API Reference

KDE 2.1 API Reference

This section contains the KDE 2.1 online class reference. You can also download (2,4MB) the complete API documentation. Additionally, you can subscribe or read the mailing lists for any additions and/or modifications to the API.
  • kdecore
    Core KDE classes that are not related to the user interface.
  • kdeui
    KDE User interface classes such as widgets.
  • khtml
    The KDE HTML component.
  • kjs
    Javascript (aka. ECMAScript and JScript) support.
  • kfile
    High level access to the KDE network aware file abstraction.
  • kio
    Low level access to network files. Also provides access to facilities such as KDirWatcher which monitors directories for changes.
  • kimgio
    Support for image formats is now part of the KIO library.
  • kparts
    Support for re-usable, embeddable, extendable applications.
  • dcop
    The DCOP communications library.
  • kspell
    Easy access to the spell checker.
  • kmid
    MIDI library.
  • interfaces
    Defines interfaces for common components so that new implementations can be dropped in.
  • kab
    Access to the KDE address book.
  • Search
    Search this site, or use a predefined search to search for KDE information on other sites.

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