#include <KompareDiff2/Kompare>

Public Member Functions

 Info (enum Mode _mode=UnknownMode, enum DiffMode _diffMode=UnknownDiffMode, enum Format _format=UnknownFormat, enum Generator _generator=UnknownGenerator, QUrl _source=QUrl(), QUrl _destination=QUrl(), QString _localSource=QString(), QString _localDestination=QString(), QTemporaryDir *_sourceQTempDir=nullptr, QTemporaryDir *_destinationQTempDir=nullptr, uint _depth=0, bool _applied=true)
void swapSourceWithDestination ()

Public Attributes

bool applied
uint depth
QUrl destination
enum DiffMode diffMode
enum Format format
enum Generator generator
QString localDestination
QString localSource
enum Mode mode
QUrl source

Detailed Description


Definition at line 100 of file kompare.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Info()

Kompare::Info::Info ( enum Mode _mode = UnknownMode,
enum DiffMode _diffMode = UnknownDiffMode,
enum Format _format = UnknownFormat,
enum Generator _generator = UnknownGenerator,
QUrl _source = QUrl(),
QUrl _destination = QUrl(),
QString _localSource = QString(),
QString _localDestination = QString(),
QTemporaryDir * _sourceQTempDir = nullptr,
QTemporaryDir * _destinationQTempDir = nullptr,
uint _depth = 0,
bool _applied = true )

Definition at line 10 of file kompare.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ swapSourceWithDestination()

void Kompare::Info::swapSourceWithDestination ( )

Definition at line 27 of file kompare.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ applied

bool Kompare::Info::applied

Definition at line 128 of file kompare.h.

◆ depth

uint Kompare::Info::depth

Definition at line 127 of file kompare.h.

◆ destination

QUrl Kompare::Info::destination

Definition at line 122 of file kompare.h.

◆ destinationQTempDir

QTemporaryDir* Kompare::Info::destinationQTempDir

Definition at line 126 of file kompare.h.

◆ diffMode

enum DiffMode Kompare::Info::diffMode

Definition at line 118 of file kompare.h.

◆ format

enum Format Kompare::Info::format

Definition at line 119 of file kompare.h.

◆ generator

enum Generator Kompare::Info::generator

Definition at line 120 of file kompare.h.

◆ localDestination

QString Kompare::Info::localDestination

Definition at line 124 of file kompare.h.

◆ localSource

QString Kompare::Info::localSource

Definition at line 123 of file kompare.h.

◆ mode

enum Mode Kompare::Info::mode

Definition at line 117 of file kompare.h.

◆ source

QUrl Kompare::Info::source

Definition at line 121 of file kompare.h.

◆ sourceQTempDir

QTemporaryDir* Kompare::Info::sourceQTempDir

Definition at line 125 of file kompare.h.

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