• MauiKit
  • MauiKit

    MauiKit is a UI framework built on top of Kirigami providing a set of convergent QtQuick components.

    MauiKit offers the following components:


    A convinient way of switching from a grid to a list view


    Lazy-loads app views


    View switcher component * * Lists the different views declared into a swipe view, that does not jump around * when resizing the application window and that takes care of different gestures for switching the views. * * This component takes care of creating the app views port as buttons in the application main header * for switching the views. * * By default this component is not interactive when using touch gesture, to not steal fcous from other horizontal * flickable gestures


    A window that provides some basic features needed for all apps


    To show a counter or an icon as a notification hint



    A page with a header and footer bar, that can be switched among many other features. * * This page has a header and footer bar that by default are a MauiKit ToolBar, * the header bar can be dinamically moved to the bottom under the footer for better * reachability on hand held devices like phones. * * Among other features, the page can have a reference to a flickable element to allow to have pull back * toolbar behaviour, floating toolbars, etc. *



    A tool button that triggers a contextual menu

    There are also experimental components in the MauiKit Labs collection of components: