ApplicationWindow QML Type

A window that provides some basic features needed for all apps. More...

Import Statement: import org.mauikit.controls 1.0



Detailed Description

since or*g.mauikit.controls 1.0

It's usually used as a root QML component for the application. By default it makes usage of the Maui Page control, so it packs a header and footer bar. The header can be moved to the bottom for better reachability in hand held devices. The Application window has some components already built in like an AboutDialog, a main application menu, and an optional property to add a global sidebar.

The application can have client side decorations CSD by setting the attached property Maui.App.enabledCSD to true, or globally by editing the configuration file located at /.config/Maui/mauiproject.conf.

For more details you can refer to the Maui Page documentation for fine tweaking the application window main content.

ApplicationWindow {
id: root

AppViews {
anchors.fill: parent

Property Documentation

[default] content : alias

qm*lproperty Item ApplicationWindow::content

Items to be placed inside the ApplicationWindow.

dialog : alias

qm*lproperty Dialog ApplicationWindow::dialog

The internal dialogs used in the ApplicationWindow are loaded dynamically, so the current loaded dialog can be accessed via this property.

[read-only] isFullScreen : bool

[read-only] isMaximized : bool

I f *the screen where the application is drawn is in portrait mode or not, other wise it is in landscape mode.

[read-only] isPortrait : bool

isWide : bool

I f *the application window size is wide enough. This property can be changed to any random condition. Keep in mind this property is widely used in other MauiKit components to determined if items shoudl be hidden or collapsed, etc.

Method Documentation


notify( = icon, = title, = body, = callback, = timeout, = buttonText)

* Send an inline notification. * icon = icon to be used * title = the title * body = message of the notification * callback = function to be triggered if the notification dialog is accepted * timeout = time in milliseconds before the notification dialog is dismissed * buttonText = text in the accepted button



* Switch from full screen to normal size.


* Reference to the application main page