AppViews QML Type

View switcher component * * Lists the different views declared into a swipe view, that does not jump around * when resizing the application window and that takes care of different gestures for switching the views. * * This component takes care of creating the app views port as buttons in the application main header * for switching the views. * * By default this component is not interactive when using touch gesture, to not steal fcous from other horizontal * flickable gestures. More...

Import Statement: import org.mauikit.controls 1.0
Since: org.mauikit.controls 1.2




Detailed Description

* * *

Property Documentation

[default] content : alias

count : alias

currentIndex : alias

currentItem : alias

history : QtObject

interactive : alias

maxViews : int

* Maximum number of views to be shown in the app* view port in the header. * The rest of views buttons will be collapsed into a menu button.

Method Documentation