Try to find EGL.

This will define the following variables:


True if (the requested version of) EGL is available


The version of EGL; note that this is the API version defined in the headers, rather than the version of the implementation (eg: Mesa)


This can be passed to target_link_libraries() instead of the EGL::EGL target


This should be passed to target_include_directories() if the target is not used for linking


This should be passed to target_compile_options() if the target is not used for linking

If EGL_FOUND is TRUE, it will also define the following imported target:


The EGL library

In general we recommend using the imported target, as it is easier to use. Bear in mind, however, that if the target is in the link interface of an exported library, it must be made available by the package config file.

Since pre-1.0.0.