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KFilterBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for KFilterBase, including all inherited members.

compress(bool finish)=0KFilterBasepure virtual
End enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
Error enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
FilterFlags enum nameKFilterBase
filterFlags() const (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
inBufferAvailable() const =0KFilterBasepure virtual
inBufferEmpty() constKFilterBasevirtual
init(int mode)=0KFilterBasepure virtual
KFilterBase() (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
mode() const =0KFilterBasepure virtual
NoHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
Ok enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
outBufferAvailable() const =0KFilterBasepure virtual
outBufferFull() constKFilterBasevirtual
readHeader()=0KFilterBasepure virtual
Result enum nameKFilterBase
setDevice(QIODevice *dev, bool autodelete=false)KFilterBase
setFilterFlags(FilterFlags flags)KFilterBase
setInBuffer(const char *data, uint size)=0KFilterBasepure virtual
setOutBuffer(char *data, uint maxlen)=0KFilterBasepure virtual
uncompress()=0KFilterBasepure virtual
virtual_hook(int id, void *data)KFilterBaseprotectedvirtual
WithHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
writeHeader(const QByteArray &filename)=0KFilterBasepure virtual
ZlibHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
~KFilterBase() (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBasevirtual
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