Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CK7ZipA class for reading / writing p7zip archives
 CKArKAr is a class for reading archives in ar format
 CKArchiveKArchive is a base class for reading and writing archives
 CKArchiveDirectoryRepresents a directory entry in a KArchive
 CKArchiveEntryA base class for entries in an KArchive
 CKArchiveFileRepresents a file entry in a KArchive
 CKCompressionDeviceA class for reading and writing compressed data onto a device (e.g
 CKFilterBaseThis is the base class for compression filters such as gzip and bzip2
 CKGzipFilterInternal class used by KCompressionDevice
 CKNoneFilterInternal class used by KCompressionDevice
 CKRccKRcc is a class for reading dynamic binary resources created by Qt's rcc tool from a .qrc file and the files it points to
 CKTarA class for reading / writing (optionally compressed) tar archives
 CKZipA class for reading / writing zip archives
 CKZipFileEntryA KZipFileEntry represents a file in a zip archive
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