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KGzipFilter Member List

This is the complete list of members for KGzipFilter, including all inherited members.

compress(bool finish) overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
End enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
Error enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
filterFlags() const (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
FilterFlags enum nameKFilterBase
Flag enum name (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
GZipHeader enum value (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
inBufferAvailable() const overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
inBufferEmpty() constKFilterBasevirtual
init(int mode) overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
init(int mode, Flag flag) (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
KFilterBase() (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
KGzipFilter() (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
mode() const overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
NoHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
Ok enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
outBufferAvailable() const overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
outBufferFull() constKFilterBasevirtual
RawDeflate enum value (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
readHeader() overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
reset() overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
Result enum nameKFilterBase
setDevice(QIODevice *dev, bool autodelete=false)KFilterBase
setFilterFlags(FilterFlags flags)KFilterBase
setInBuffer(const char *data, uint size) overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
setOutBuffer(char *data, uint maxlen) overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
terminate() overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
uncompress() overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
virtual_hook(int id, void *data)KFilterBaseprotectedvirtual
WithHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
writeFooter() (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
writeHeader(const QByteArray &fileName) overrideKGzipFiltervirtual
ZlibHeader enum value (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
ZlibHeaders enum value (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBase
~KFilterBase() (defined in KFilterBase)KFilterBasevirtual
~KGzipFilter() override (defined in KGzipFilter)KGzipFilter
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