vcalformat.h File Reference
#include "attendee.h"
#include "calformat.h"
#include "event.h"
#include "journal.h"
#include "kcalendarcore_export.h"
#include "todo.h"
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class  KCalendarCore::VCalFormat




#define _VCAL_VERSION   "1.0"
#define ICMethodProp   "X-METHOD"
#define ICOrganizerProp   "X-ORGANIZER"
#define ICRequestStatusProp   "X-REQUEST-STATUS"

Detailed Description

vCalendar format implementation.

This file is part of the API for handling calendar data and defines the VCalFormat base class.

This class implements the vCalendar format. It provides methods for loading/saving/converting vCalendar format data into the internal representation as Calendar and Incidences.

Preston Brown <pbrow[email protected][email protected][email protected]e.org>
Cornelius Schumacher <schum[email protected]ache[email protected][email protected][email protected].org>

Definition in file vcalformat.h.

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