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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 alarm.cppRepresents an alarm notification
 attachment.cppRepresents information related to an attachment for a Calendar Incidence
 attendee.cppRepresents information related to an attendee of an Calendar Incidence
 calendar.cppRepresents the main calendar class
 calfilter.cppProvides a filter for calendars
 calformat.cppBase class providing an interface to various calendar formats
 calstorage.cppAn abstract base class that provides a calendar storage interface
 compat.cppClasses that provide compatibility to older or "broken" calendar formats
 customproperties.cppA class to manage custom calendar properties
 duration.cppRepresents a span of time measured in seconds
 event.cppThis class provides an Event in the sense of RFC2445
 exceptions.cppException base class
 exceptions.hException base class
 filestorage.cppThis class provides a calendar storage as a local file
 freebusy.cppProvides information about the free/busy time of a calendar user
 freebusyperiod.cppRepresents a period of time
 freebusyperiod.hRepresents a period of time
 icalformat.cppICalendar format implementation: a layer of abstraction for libical
 incidence.cppProvides the class common to non-FreeBusy (Events, To-dos, Journals) calendar components known as incidences
 incidencebase.cppAn abstract base class that provides a common base for all calendar incidence classes
 journal.cppProvides a Journal in the sense of RFC2445
 memorycalendar.cppThis class provides a calendar stored as a local file
 occurrenceiterator.cppThis class provides an iterator to iterate over all occurrences of incidences
 period.cppRepresents a period of time
 period.hRepresents a period of time
 person.cppRepresents a person, by name and email address
 todo.cppProvides a To-do in the sense of RFC2445
 vcalformat.cppVCalendar format implementation
 vcalformat.hVCalendar format implementation
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