incidencebase.cpp File Reference
#include "incidencebase.h"
#include "incidencebase_p.h"
#include "calformat.h"
#include "utils_p.h"
#include "visitor.h"
#include "kcalendarcore_debug.h"
#include <QTime>
#include <QStringList>
#include "moc_incidencebase.cpp"
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Detailed Description

An abstract base class that provides a common base for all calendar incidence classes.

This file is part of the API for handling calendar data and defines the IncidenceBase class.

Cornelius Schumacher <schum.nosp@m.ache.nosp@m.r@kde.nosp@m..org>
Reinhold Kainhofer <reinh.nosp@m.old@.nosp@m.kainh.nosp@m.ofer.nosp@m..com>

Definition in file incidencebase.cpp.

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