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KCalendarCore::CalFilter Class Reference

#include <calfilter.h>

Public Types

enum  Criteria {
  HideRecurring = 1, HideCompletedTodos = 2, ShowCategories = 4, HideInactiveTodos = 8,
  HideNoMatchingAttendeeTodos = 16

Public Member Functions

 CalFilter ()
 CalFilter (const QString &name)
 ~CalFilter ()
void apply (Event::List *eventList) const
void apply (Todo::List *todoList) const
void apply (Journal::List *journalList) const
QStringList categoryList () const
int completedTimeSpan () const
int criteria () const
QStringList emailList () const
bool filterIncidence (const Incidence::Ptr &incidence) const
bool isEnabled () const
QString name () const
bool operator== (const CalFilter &filter) const
void setCategoryList (const QStringList &categoryList)
void setCompletedTimeSpan (int timespan)
void setCriteria (int criteria)
void setEmailList (const QStringList &emailList)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
void setName (const QString &name)

Detailed Description

Provides a filter for calendars.

This class provides a means for filtering calendar incidences by a list of email addresses, a list of categories, or other Criteria.

The following Criteria are available:

Definition at line 42 of file calfilter.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Filtering Criteria.


Remove incidences that recur.


Remove completed to-dos.


Show incidences with at least one matching category.


Remove to-dos that haven't started yet.


Remove to-dos without a matching attendee.

Definition at line 48 of file calfilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CalFilter::CalFilter ( )

Constructs an empty filter – a filter without a name or criteria.

Private class that helps to provide binary compatibility between releases.

Definition at line 47 of file calfilter.cpp.

CalFilter::CalFilter ( const QString name)

Constructs a filter with name.

nameis the name of this filter.

Definition at line 52 of file calfilter.cpp.

CalFilter::~CalFilter ( )

Destroys this filter.

Definition at line 58 of file calfilter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CalFilter::apply ( Event::List eventList) const

Applies the filter to a list of Events.

All events not matching the filter criteria are removed from the list.

eventListis a list of Events to filter.

Definition at line 69 of file calfilter.cpp.

void KCalendarCore::CalFilter::apply ( Todo::List todoList) const

Applies the filter to a list of To-dos.

All to-dos not matching the filter criterias are removed from the list.

todoListis a list of To-dos to filter.
void KCalendarCore::CalFilter::apply ( Journal::List journalList) const

Applies the filter to a list of Journals.

All journals not matching the filter criterias are removed from the list.

journalListis a list of Journals to filter.
QStringList CalFilter::categoryList ( ) const

Returns the category list for this filter.

See also

Definition at line 222 of file calfilter.cpp.

int CalFilter::completedTimeSpan ( ) const

Returns the completed time span for this filter.

See also

Definition at line 242 of file calfilter.cpp.

int CalFilter::criteria ( ) const

Returns the inclusive filter criteria.

See also

Definition at line 212 of file calfilter.cpp.

QStringList CalFilter::emailList ( ) const

Returns the email list for this filter.

See also

Definition at line 232 of file calfilter.cpp.

bool CalFilter::filterIncidence ( const Incidence::Ptr incidence) const

Applies the filter criteria to the specified Incidence.

incidenceis the Incidence to filter.
true if the Incidence passes the criteria; false otherwise.

Definition at line 118 of file calfilter.cpp.

bool CalFilter::isEnabled ( ) const

Returns whether the filter is enabled or not.

See also

Definition at line 202 of file calfilter.cpp.

QString CalFilter::name ( ) const

Returns the filter name.

See also

Definition at line 192 of file calfilter.cpp.

bool KCalendarCore::CalFilter::operator== ( const CalFilter filter) const

Compares this with filter for equality.

filterthe CalFilter to compare.

Definition at line 63 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setCategoryList ( const QStringList categoryList)

Sets the list of categories to be considered when filtering incidences according to the ShowCategories criteria.

categoryListis a QStringList of categories.
See also

Definition at line 217 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setCompletedTimeSpan ( int  timespan)

Sets the number of days for the HideCompletedTodos criteria.

If a to-do has been completed within the recent timespan days, then that to-do will be removed during filtering. If a time span is not specified in the filter, then all completed to-dos will be removed if the HideCompletedTodos criteria is set.

timespanis an integer representing a time span in days.
See also

Definition at line 237 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setCriteria ( int  criteria)

Sets the criteria which must be fulfilled for an Incidence to pass the filter.

criteriais a combination of Criteria.
See also

Definition at line 207 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setEmailList ( const QStringList emailList)

Sets the list of email addresses to be considered when filtering incidences according ot the HideNoMatchingAttendeeTodos criteria.

emailListis a QStringList of email addresses.
See also

Definition at line 227 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setEnabled ( bool  enabled)

Enables or disables the filter.

enabledis true if the filter is to be enabled; false otherwise.
See also

Definition at line 197 of file calfilter.cpp.

void CalFilter::setName ( const QString name)

Sets the filter name.

nameis the name of this filter.
See also

Definition at line 187 of file calfilter.cpp.

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